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Welcome to the weekly Home Matters Linky Party. A great place to come, share your blog posts, and make new friends.  Home Matters Linky Party #146!   … Thank you so much for joining us at this week’s linky party. We are so inspired by your wonderful projects. Summer is in full swing and we Grab some tea and read more!

When E and I were house hunting, one of our musts was to have a minimum of 4 bedrooms.  Nope, not so that when our families came to visit us they would have somewhere to stay, but because we had plans for each of those rooms.  Our Realtor did a wonderful job and found a Grab some tea and read more!

Colors for a girl's nursery

I’m often asked about colors palettes for the home and for websites and so I decided to create a series of colors that I hope will inspire you to find colors for your home or blog! As I’m sure you know, colors are very important when it comes to your home and DIY home decor Grab some tea and read more!

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