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We Made it to Raleigh!

Move to Raleigh, North Caroilina

On Saturday, it will be 2 weeks that we’ve been in Raleigh, well, I’ve been in Raleigh; E has been here for almost 6 months!  Can I just tell you how happy I am this is over?  Well, this 2nd round of moving is over (still one more round once we stop house hunting and find a house).

Our Moving Plan of Attack

Now this was the plan we followed from that Thursday to Sunday.  On Thursday, I drove to Raleigh to pick up E.  Friday morning, we got up early and drove back to DC so we could pick up t moving truck and trailer from Budget.  Truck Rental.  We’d then get up early Saturday morning, go to E’s sister’s house to pick up a couple of things we left there.  Already tired from reading that?  I know I was tired after all that driving in the first 24 hours!

Once we picked up the truck, we went back home and began packing.  DC had gotten a lot of rain.  It had been raining for about 2 weeks straight, but luckily, that day, there was no rain.  It was a beautiful, sunny day!

Budget Moving Truck to Raleigh

It was just E and I packing up the truck.  I was so thankful I had taken the time over the previous weeks to pack everything so all we really had to do was to put the boxes ont the truck.

With great team effort, we managed to have the truck packed up in a couple of hours.

Packing Items on Moving Truck

We ended our last night of living in DC at one of our favorite places to dance.  Having to get up early, we didn’t stay out late!

Heading Out

Unfortunately, Saturday morning we woke up to heavy rain.  I had so hoped we would make it, at least until the afternoon, without rain, but it didn’t happen.  We grabbed the last couple of items, packed them on the truck and off to his sister’s house.  The closer we got to E’s sister’s house, the harder it seemed to rain, as we packed up the few items he left at her house. Soaked and a bit cold, we drove around the corner to a shopping center to drive my car on the trailer.

Ford Fusion on Budget moving truck

Driving my car on the trailer was a bit nerve racking, but the worst part was riding in the truck being nervous it was going to fall off!  E did a great job of securing my car onto the trailer, but I was still nervous.

Fusion on Trailer

Let the Journey Begin to Raleigh

Other than the rain, everything went smoothly as we started the drive on I95.  Based upon the time we left, we should have made it to Raleigh by 3:00pm to give us time to unload the boxes I would need and take everything else to the storage we are renting until we move again.  Just saying that makes me shudder!

As we’re riding along, a car starts to honk at us.  The car pulled along side of us to let us know the trailer had a flat tire.  I have a very vivid imagination so I was conjuring all these things that may have happened to my car.  We pulled over and sure enough, not only was the tire flat it was almost off!  As we were riding, we had never felt any difference in the ride.

When we pulled over and got out of the truck, this is what we were met with.

Flat tire

This is definitely something you don’t want to see but thank goodness everything was okay, except for the tire.  I was super thankful for that! What’s even more ironic is this very thing happened in January when we moved E.  No, we didn’t use the same company to rent the moving truck; that was Uhaul.  What’s the likelihood this would happen to us a second time around?  Thank goodness the next move will be local so we won’t need anymore trailers!

Flat tire

We had to call Budget Roadside Assistance.  While the people for Budget’s Roadside Assistance were very nice, their follow-up was lacking.  I had to call each time to find out what was happening with our claim.  After waiting an hour just to have someone assigned to handle ourt claim (I was told the person handling it had gone to lunch and they were having trouble finding the tire needed for the trailer we had).

From the time I called in the claim to the time someone came out to fix the flat (Derek was quite nice), and we were able to get back on the road, 3 hours had passed.  Yes, you read that right.  It took 3 hours.  The drive to Raleigh is 4.5 hours.  Needless to say, this put us very behind, but we did get back on the road and we didn’t have any other issues to Raleigh, thank goodness!

Fixed tire

Needless to say, this put us very behind, but we did get back on the road and we didn’t have any other issues to Raleigh, thank goodness!  We didn’t make it to Raleigh until 7:30pm that night, but all that matters is we made it safely.

Lessons Learned

There are a few lessons I learned during the final days and the day of our move.

  1. Pack as much as you can ahead of time.  Had I not packed as much as I could and still be functional while I lived in DC, it would have taken us much longer than a couple of hours to get the truck loaded.
  2. Think ahead of time.  With so much happening, we didn’t do a very good job of planning ahead.  In hindsight, we should have purchased a one-way plane ticket for E so he could fly down on Thursday night rather than my driving there and turning around to drive back to DC a few hours later.
  3. Ask for help.  Had my best friend not come to help me pack the Sunday before I left, there is no way I would have gotten as much done as I did!
  4. Don’t pack too early.  Some things I packed too early so I had to open and dig through the boxes to get what I needed.
  5. Check your tires!  When renting a moving truck and/or a trailer, make sure to check out the tires to hopefully catch anything that may be wrong early before you leave the lot.
  6. Stay Organized.  The little things I did in preparation for the move such as, using red tape to identify which boxes I needed immediately and notifying every one of my move and canceling services helped. These two steps made it easy for us to quickly grab the boxes we needed to take inside and when I got to Raleigh, I didn’t have to worry about trying to remember who I did and didn’t call and pay longer for services than necessary.

I am so happy to be in Raleigh!  Now that I’m here, the almost 6 months seemed to have passed by so fast!

If there is one tip I can leave you with when it comes to moving, it’s that organization is key! What tips helped you when you moved?
See ya later!

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