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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For the Cooks in Your Life

This post has been sponsored by UnCommonGoods.  All opinions are my own.  For more information, see my disclosures here.

How is it that Valentine’s Day is only 33 days away?  Didn’t we all just take down our Christmas decorations?  I mean, just like 2 weeks ago?   Valentine’s Day always makes me excited because to me it’s a sign that Spring is just around the corner.  It’s a sign that hopefully, the cold weather is gone or is quickly on its way outta here!  It also another excuse to share some love with others!

UnCommon Goods gift guide

I’ve always thought that Valentine’s Day gifts should come from the heart.  Don’t get me wrong, I think all gifts should, but to me, for this holiday, especially.  It’s because of this that I’ve been looking around for a special gift for one of my closest friends, Jessica.  We’ve been friends since we were college roommates and each year for Valentine’s Day, we like to send each other something.  We have a lot of the same interests; she loves home decor like I do, loves to cook, and entertain.

We used to have the best get-togethers in college!  This year I thought I ‘d go back down memory lane with her gift and snag something that would remind her of our college days.  I wanted something that was unique and that you couldn’t get just everywhere and so I knew exactly where to go, UncommonGoods, of course!  Their unique gifts for wine lovers and home decor enthusiasts like myself are some of my favorites.

One of the many great things about UncommonGoods is that their products are by independent makers, which means I’m going to be able to find some unique and amazing gifts…score!  They’re also a company that believes it’s better to give.  You can spread some Valentine’s Day love and cheer throughout the year because with their Better to Give and Receive Program, during checkout, I’ll be able to choose a nonprofit to receive a $1 from them.  It’s like giving to 2 or 3 or who knows how many gifts to people.  I think since it’s more than 1, that’s a great thing, wouldn’t you agree?

There’s such a wide variety of products I know Jessica will like on their website that I could be on their website for hours.  But they’ve done me a big favor so I can save some time by using Sunny.  You’re probably wondering who Sunny is, right?  It’s the easy to use gift finder.

I enter who I want to shop for, that she’s an adult, her interests (cooking, food, and entertaining), click the see my suggestions button and Sunny gives me so many choices!  In a matter of a few minutes, I have my own personal shopper helping me find gifts for my friend.  Do you realize how much time I could save if all sites had Sunny?

As much as I would love to talk about all 80 of the fabulous suggestions Sunny had for me, I’m going to spare you and just share my favorite 10 with ya.

Uncommon Goods gift guide


1 – Marble and Mango Wood Cheese Pairing Board | 2 – Wine Pairing Towel Set | 3 – Multicolor Ombre Stemless Wine Glass Set | 4 – Avocado Huggers | 5- Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper | 6 – Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit | 7 – Tilted Wine Decanter with Ice Pocket | 8 – Flavor Infusing Grilling Wraps | 9 – Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand | 10 – Rack Pack Convertible Wine Rack

You can see from my top 10, why this is going to be such a hard choice, can’t you?  No matter which gift I choose, it’s a win and to purchase from a company who believes in giving first and supporting one another is always hands down my first choice!

Who do you need to shop for this Valentine’s Day?  Need a bit more inspiration?  Take a look at other Valentine’s Day gifts available at UnCommon Goods.



  1. Christine says

    Hey now, I’m not much of a cook but I certainly love these gifts. I really love anything wine related…haha! Love the glasses, wine rack, cutting board…I love it all! These are great gifts!!

    • Lynn says

      Hahahaha…yes, aren’t those wine-related gifts fabulous! You definitely don’t need to know how to cook to drink wine, but I bet you do quite well! 🙂

  2. Lisa says

    Oh I have not heard of this shop but will check it out now! I love the wine glass set and that reclaimed wood cookbook stand. It would look marvelous in my kitchen!

    • Lynn says

      Thanks for stopping by, Jae! It was hard to narrow it down to these ten. There are so many great products on their website.

  3. Paula | The Value of a Moment says

    I love all these ideas! I had never heard of the grilling wraps before, but I’m definitely going to pick some up! I’m always looking for new, wonderful wine glasses. The ones you featured are just gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Anosa says

    OMGoodness, I want all of these for myself, forget the other cooks in my life, these gadgets are must have for me especially the flavour infusing grilling wraps

  5. Marysa says

    Ohhh, I wouldn’t mind a bunch of these myself! I like how they are fun, but useful too. I could go for that cookbook rack or maybe the set of dipping spices.

  6. Heather says

    Wow, I love that recipe holder! I had no idea they made avocado keepers! I love it! What wonderful kitchen accessories you’ve listed here. A chef would definitely like this.

  7. Jeanine says

    So many great ideas. I’ve been trying to figure out what I’ll be doing and giving to my husband. So this will be something I can look at and consider. Especially that oil dipping kit. He would LOVE that.

  8. Gabby says

    That dipping spice set is so cute! My mom always used to serve dipping spices and oil with dinner and I never understood just how much it adds to a meal sometimes until I started cooking on my own and my bread just wasn’t the same!

  9. Katie werthmann says

    DANG all of this looks great and makes me want t up my kitchen game! I don’t even like or eat avocados but i really want that slip cover for them! it’s just so goofy. But those classes and spice organizing set…. actually gonna look into those for a real purchase.

  10. Marcela says

    These are such a great ideas! My favorite are glasses, they are so fun and colorful. Rack oak is amazing gift for a wine lover, I’d go with that present for wine lover for sure 😀

  11. Marjie Mare says

    The cook in me wants all of them and I am making sure that my husband reads your post as well so he knows exactly what I want.

    • Lynn says

      Thanks Jazmin. They are great for any time of year. That’s one of the great things about buying gifts that aren’t specific to a holiday.

  12. David Elliott says

    All of these gifts look so perfect. They remind me of when I wanted to have a wine and cheese party at my house and I could have used all of these. Unfortunately it did not work out. Maybe some day.

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