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Holiday Printable – Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is just 14 days away?  I feel as if we just celebrated the new year!  As a child, I remember sitting down at the kitchen table writing out Valentine’s Day cards for my classmates and getting my gifts together to take to school for friends.

As I’ve gotten older, my celebration is a bit different, I only have one Valentine now and I enjoy strawberry lemonade with friends.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the gift-giving and the fact that I love my gifts to look “pretty.”  To me, it’s all about presentation!

Valentine's Day gift bags

I created a few Valentine’s Day tag printables and wanted to share.  There are various shapes and colors using red, pink, and white.

To use the tags, print them out on white cardstock, cut out, and use a hole punch where the circle is at the top of the tag.  Grab some ribbon or string and tie onto your bag or gift.  You can use one tag per bag or as I have them in the pictures and tie several tags on each bag.

There are 4 sets of gift tags in various colors.  I hope you enjoy these Valentine’s Day printables as much as I enjoyed creating them!


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