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Take Time to Be Grateful + How to Make a Grateful Jar

How to Make a Grateful Jar

“In every way and everywhere we accept this with all gratitude.” -Acts 24:3


Last year I found an article on a blog (I can’t remember which one) and it was about being grateful.  The cool thing was that it talked about having a grateful jar.  I don’t know about you, but I never take the time to smell the roses as they say.

I have a bad habit of pushing myself and I keep going, never enjoying the small accomplishments because I’m so focused on the big picture.  I must say I have gotten much better because I used to define a good day by how much I accomplished.  I’m a list person so at the end of the day if I didn’t have much crossed off my list, that wasn’t a good day.

The process of moving is definitely helping me change that.  I get excited with each box or bin I pack!  Following that exercise, last year truly helped me put things in perspective.  Every morning before I left home, I would write down something I was grateful for.  In the beginning, it was so hard because I was looking for big huge things such as I landed a really big client or I bought a new car (that was something I had in my jar).  Those things, of course, didn’t happen every single day and many days, in the beginning, I would not put anything in my jar.

What I learned after a couple of months was how wrong that was.  One because I limited myself to only adding something to my jar in the morning (I mean I still did have an ENTIRE day ahead of me) and I was still thinking big picture.  If all I did was wake up every morning and write down on that piece of paper, I am healthy, then that was enough, but I was too narrow-minded to realize that.

As the year progressed and in December, I opened the jar (in this case it was a bucket) and These are the first 4  items I pulled out that I had in my bucket. 

  • I am grateful Dad’s surgery went well
  • I am grateful I can see and hear
  • I am grateful I have enough money to pay my bills
  • I am grateful for my 3 sisters

As you can see, I learned to focus on the small, more important things and most of these aren’t tangible items.  This year I am getting off to a late start and I decided to jazz it up a bit. You can use any container you want to use to place your grateful slips.  As I said, last year I just used a plastic bucket.  

Here’s my jar!  It only took me 15 minutes to make it, but it’s going to provide me with months of happiness.  

Grateful Jar


So are you going to join me and focus on what you’re grateful for?
See ya later!

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