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Spooktacular & Kid Friendly Halloween Decor Inspiration

Can you believe that Halloween is just a mere 13 days away?  Whether you decorate big or small, I wanted to share some of the great ways my friends are decorating for Halloween and give you some inspiration for your own home!

Halloween decor for kids

Having a party or get together for Halloween this year?  Y’all I am in love with this menu Jennifer from Jenron Designs created.  Look at that cute shoe too!  She’s also got a fun hashtag on Instagram to play along with for the Fall, #happyfallday.


Have you ever seen that movie Nightmare on Elm Street?  When I was a kid, that move petrified me!  I wouldn’t be able to sleep for days!  Michelle from Our Crafty Mom created the most awesome Nightmare on Elm Street Inspired Wreath.  You have to check it out!

I love porch decorations.  There are so many creative things you can do to decorate and Lauren from The Holtz House does not disappoint!  Those cobwebs, corn husks, and bats are so much fun.  Just enough to scare and be creepy, but not over the top!  The chair with the cobwebs are fantastic!

I love the small touches Meaghan from My Nesting Place has added for her kids!  Y’all is it not adorable?!  And of course, paired with one of my absolute favorite home decor pieces, tobacco baskets!

Now that I have a mantle, I’m always trying to think of ways to decorate it.  I love how Cheyenne from Sense and Serendipity has decorated her mantle and fireplace!  Those ghosts and large spiders and so fun!  The boo sign is such a great touch.  It makes me smile every time I see it.

These Halloween decorations Erin at EH Design are awesome.  How cool are those bats floating around the clock?  This reminds me of one of Alfred Hitchcock’s old great movies.  If you need more Halloween inspiration, head on over to her blog, EH Design.

I told y’all my friends had some amazing Halloween decor that is sure to help you get in the mood to decorate your own home.

Give them a follow and head over to their blogs for more Halloween decor inspiration and decor ideas all year round!

How do you decorate for Halloween?  Share links to your posts in the comments below!  I would love to see!



  1. Toni says

    Lynn- These are great Halloween ideas! I love the menu, and the spiders are super cool, but I don’t think I could handle them in my house. I hate spiders!
    You, on the other hand, are too cute! I love your pic above. You just look so sweet, and like you would be a hoot to hang with- Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Lynn says

      Hahaha Toni, I’m not a big fan of spiders either…the real ones. They freak me out! We live in the country so I see them often!

      Thank you for the kind compliment. I do like to have fun! 🙂

  2. Samantha Carter says

    Oh, I love all these gorgeous decorating ideas for Halloween!!! I’ve been dying for something to mix up my old decor, and I’ll definitely be using some of these ideas in the shake-up!

  3. Brittany Ferrell says

    There are quite a few of my neighbors who go all out for Halloween and I mean ALL out. I have a burlap wreath and a sign that says “harvest”. Not that exciting. But I love all of these examples that are kid friendly! I do not want to scare my toddler or the other kids, but there is a way to be fun without being frightening,

  4. Chelsie says

    I usually decorate for Autumn/Fall but we just bought a new house and it was so overwhelming to try to decorate the WHOLE thing! So, I decided to skip out on the Halloween decorations this year and start planning for Christmas haha – I’ll do Halloween next year. These ideas are super cute, though!

    • Lynn says

      Chelsie, I so get it! We just bought our house at the very end of July…didn’t move in until August so I didn’t do anything to decorate this first year. This is the first time I’m able to decorate for the holidays and while I may not hit every one, it’s so much fun! Good luck with the house and decorating!

  5. Luci says

    I love all these decorations. I try to get things that are cheap and somewhat kid friendly since I do have young niece and nephews, I don’t want them to be too scared.

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