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How to Pack Your Significant Other’s Belongings

E is a ridiculously huge sports fan.  If it’s a sport, he watches-football, basketball, hockey, golf, baseball, tennis, the list goes on.  I’ll watch football and hockey and that’s about it for me.  He has enough sports paraphernalia to open his own sports store and today it was time to start packing it up.  He took a lot when he went, but he has so much, it doesn’t seem as if he made a dent in any of it.

My plan was to take his jerseys, put them in a vacuum seal storage bag (you know those large bags for storage that you suck all of the air out of them with your vacuum)?  Can I just say I love those bags?  I am thankful to whoever came up with this product because it makes storage so much easier and when you’re packing and moving, it’s appreciated even more!

These are perfect for his jerseys.  I laid my bag on the floor and started folding them up.  As I was folding, my intuition told me that I should call him first before I finished my great plan.

I laid my bag on the floor and started folding.  As I was folding, my intuition told me that I should call him first before I finished my great plan.

Football Jerseys

I called him just to make sure.  This is how the conversation went.

L: “I’m folding up your jerseys.  Is it okay to put them in a ziplock bag and seal it up?” 

E: Afer a long pause, “Is that why you called me?” sounding perplexed.

L: “Yes.”

E:  “Why are you calling me and asking me about my-wait, those are my jerseys.”  He started laughing. ” You’re right.  Yes, that’s fine.  Thank you for calling and asking.”

See how simple that was?  I don’t know anything about jerseys and honestly, it doesn’t make me any difference.  I could put them in the bag, zip it, suck out the air and move on to the other 3,000 things I need to pack up.  

Vacuum sealed storage bags

But, those jerseys are important to E and therefore, I would never want anything to happen to them on my watch!  If he was here, he’d pack them himself, but he’s not so it’s up to me to take good care of them.  If the scenario was in reverse, I’d want him to take good care of my jerseys too!

Dallas Cowboys Jersey

When you are packing your significant other’s items, there are 3 things you want to remember…



  1. Care.  Handle your significant other’s items with care.  My Mom taught my sisters and I a very important lesson.  “Treat others belongings better than you treat your own.”  Boy, was she right!  It’s a lesson that comes in handy and who doesn’t appreciate that you may not get them, but you care and respect them and their belongings enough to be careful and pay attention!
  2. It’s not about you.  We all have our “stuff,”  Things that are important to us and may not be important to someone else.  If it’s important to your better half, then it needs to be important to you.  It doesn’t matter that you don’t get it.  It’s not about you, it’s about the other person. 
  3. Ask.  Yes, I could have just thrown them in that bag, but if he had a particular way he wanted them handled, then that is what needed to be done. I didn’t know and so rather than making assumptions, I asked! Took me all of 1 minute to ask that question, but the gratitude for doing so was huge!  

Oh and yes, you do see a Redskins jersey and a Cowboys (made for me) jersey.  How did a Redskins and a Cowboys fan end up together?  It’s a long story, but I will say that twice a year (when they play each other) all bets are off, it’s every man for himself and we go to our separate corners until the game is over, which might I add the Cowboys have won more!
See ya later!

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