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5 Uses For Lemons in Your Home

Lemonade is one of the most refreshing drinks in the Spring and Summer. I buy a bag of lemons each time I go to the store because its pretty much one of the three drinks I have in the summer;lemonade, water, and wine (not necessarily in that order).

With all the lemons I purchase, there are plenty of other things I do with them besides make lemonade. 

1. Deodorizer

I love the smell of lemons and it’s such a great deodorizer. Cut up a couple of lemons, place them in a pot, and cover with water. Bring to a boil for about 45 minutes to an hour and you have a fresh smelling room!

You can also do the same with the refrigerator. Grab a small bowl of warm water. Squeeze the juice of a lemon or two in the water. Grab a towel and wipe your refrigerator out!  Now when you open your refrigerator door, you get a great smell.

Uses For Lemons

2. Cleaning pots

Remember that deodorizing tip I shared with you in #1?  That hot boiling water will also help to loosen anything that’s stuck to the bottom of your pots. So I had a pot that I was making spaghetti sauce in and some of it stuck to the bottom of the pot. Don’t you hate that? 

The pot I boiled the lemons in is the same pot that I had the burned sauce. I poured out the boiling water, grabbed by scrub brush and guess what? That pot is sparkling!

Uses For Lemons

3. Get rid of fat

When I cook with chicken, mostly for E, I soak the chicken in lukewarm water for about 30 minutes and let the acid from the lemons break and loosen the fat and anything else that’s on the chicken.  The water is full of yellow particles (the fat), and it’s much easier for me to remove the fat from without too much effort.

Soak Chicken in Lemon

4. Make the garbage disposal smell good

Have you every walked into your home and there was a smell?  It may not be something you want to admit, but I’m sure you have.  When it happens to me, I check the trash, the refrigerator, even the towels in the laundry basket and I can’t seem to find where it’s coming from.  

I continue to walk around the house sniffing because I know it’s coming from somewhere and then I find it-the garbage disposal!  At this point, I’ve learned to check this first when things don’t quite smell right.  I cut up a whole lemon and throw each piece down the disposal one by one.  With each piece thrown in, things smell so much better!

5. Help your sore throat

When I was a kid and I had a sore throat, my Mom would grab a tablespoon, a lemon, and some honey.  She squeezed honey on the spoon until it was full and squeezed the fresh juice from a lemon on top of the honey.  I don’t know what it is about the mix of honey and lemon juice, but let me tell ya, my sore throat went away.  It’s also great for when you lose your voice as I do a couple of times a year from the seasons changing!

How do you use lemons?



See ya later!

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