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How I Plan My Days So I Get More Accomplshed

Staying organized, especially when you move can seem very difficult.  When we moved, everything was in complete disarray and it drove me crazy!   Since we’ve moved to North Carolina, I can count on one finger a time when we’ve had nothing to do.  With so much going on, it’s hard to know what to do and not to do; what’s important and what isn’t important.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I know the important stuff should happen first, but I also suffer from I want to get everything done now.  I thrive on crossing things off my to-do list.  

How to plan your day

Prioritization is key and if I don’t finish something on the list, guess what?  I’m learning the sky isn’t going to fall and nothing bad is going to happen (that’s difficult for us Type A personalities).  Here are the 6 things that help me have productive days and get the most accomplished.  

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  1. Know your optimal performance time.  I am a morning person when it comes to getting things done.  After about 1 pm or 2 pm, I start to lose steam.  Since I know this about myself, I do the tasks that are going to be the most strenuous, taxing, and time-consuming in the morning.
  2. Say “No.”  This isn’t something I usually have a problem with, but each weekend, we have family and friends who want to visit.  With all the home improvements and some rooms looking like storage, it’s hard to have visitors right now.  It’s been difficult to say no to them and the few times I didn’t, I really found myself in a real pickle.  Staying up until 2 am and 3 am in the morning is ridiculous, especially when it could have been prevented if we just said no.  
  3. Be strategic.   I’ve heard people say this time and time again and it’s so true.  For example, with the wedding rapidly approaching, there are projects we need to get done sooner rather than later because of all the guests we have coming into town.  Our house by no means will be 100% furnished, but we know there are rooms that need to be ready before April.

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  4. Batch your outings.  When you are new to an area, you don’t know where you’re going and don’t have the lay of the land.  I’ve found myself making trips to the same area more than once a week, which isn’t the best use of my time.  I actually sit down and map out where I am going when I’m running errands so I can get everything on my list completed in that area and hopefully not have to go back because I didn’t plan accordingly.
  5. Ask for help/delegate.  I am not the best when it comes to asking for help.  Because of this, I find things can pile up quickly.  If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask!
  6. Time blocks. I.  love.  time blocking.  It gets me super focused on the task at hand.  I decide on a certain amount of time I’ll allow for each task.  For example, when I’m cleaning I always allow for 2-3 hours.  
  7. I’m working on blogs and social media for the week, I block off 2-3 hours, working out, which is done in the morning gets 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on what I have going on that day.  The time you choose is up to you, but make sure all browsers are closed (yes, that means Facebook and Pinterest!)  Set your clock for the amount of time needed and work on that task and only that one task.  Once your alarm goes off, it’s time to stop and move to the next task.

Sometimes balancing your day can be difficult, but once you come up with a routine, it’s more manageable.  

Here’s to getting things done, staying organized, and staying sane!


  1. Nicole says

    Awesome tips for organizing and making the most of your productive time. I will have to give time blocking a try. Thanks for sharing your ideas at the #HomeMattersParty this week.

    • Lynn says

      Thanks for visiting Donna! I can tell a big difference in my productivity when I don’t time block.

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