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How to Organize + Clean Your Craft Closet

Can you believe that Spring is less than 30 days away?  Mach 20 is just around the corner.  I love everything about Spring.

  • The weather is finally warmer (not that it got too cold here in Raleigh)
  • It’s time to plant our garden (nothing like fresh tomatoes and watermelons)
  • There are brighter and happier colors
  • And how can I forget Daylight Savings?

As with all of us, it’s about time to start thinking about Spring cleaning.  I have 1,0001 things on my to-do list and I know I can’t do them all, but I’ll sure try!  Does that sound like you?  I use the Home Decor and Project Planner to plan out everything because there’s something about writing things down that gets me fired up about crossing them off that list.

My craft closet, which is definitely not big enough, but it does a good job of holding my craft needs, but I wasn’t doing a good job of keeping it organized. E put up some shelves and purchased a pegboard and a few other items found in the house and boy did it make a difference!

I can’t believe I’m even sharing these scary before pictures of my craft closet!

When we moved, I didn’t take the time to work on this closet, it was merely an afterthought, but the more I got back into crafting and DIY projects, the more things just piled up, literally.

How to Organize Closet

Today I wanted to share 4 tips to organizing a craft closet that’s gotten out of control (like mine did).

#1 Pull everything out 

Yes, I know that sounds crazy and if you have as much stuff as I had in my craft closet, you’ll have stuff everywhere and I’m sure the room may look like a tornado hit it, but you need to see what you have.

I can’t tell you the countless number of duplicate items I have because I didn’t know what I had. I have so much glue, I should never need to buy any again!  Make yourself 3 signs because we’re going to clean up and organize.  One sign that says keep, one for maybe, and one for throw out.  Now place each item into one of those areas.

Organize craft closet

Once you’ve gathered all of the throw-out items, go ahead and put them in a trash bag or can and toss them out to give yourself some room.  Now go through your other piles and go through the same process with the other two.  If you’re not going to use it, toss it.  My rule of thumb is that if I haven’t used it in a year, I toss it out because I most likely won’t use it again.

#2 Put like items together

With the items, you’re going to keep, group everything that is alike, together. E had this habit of placing the mail on the desk in my office. I don’t have a big desk so it was often cluttered. I found these great mail holders that I hung inside of the closet so now he has a place to put the mail; everybody’s happy!

#3 Use functional storage

Find storage that is functional and that will work with the items you need to store.  Amazon has some amazing storage items.  I like to use a variety of containers to make things fun.  I use glass, baskets, and plastic.  

Craft closet organizers

Storage containers help you to maximize the space you have.  If you’ve got a closet full of items that are all different sizes and don’t fit well together, you’ll most likely end up with many holes and gaps on your selves because the items don’t fit well together; therefore, wasting useful space.

#4: Labels

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t have a label, I have a tendency to just throw things anywhere.  It’s a terrible habit and probably explains why my closet looked the way it did before!  Having labels helps me and E put things back where they belong.  It’s much easier to place something in its proper place when you know where to place it, wouldn’t you agree?

So there you have it!

A nice, clean organized craft closet that will allow you to fill it up with even more craft goodness now that you have more space!

How do you clean out your closets?  What would you add to my list?


  1. Melanie @ Fantastic Services Group says

    What a beautifully organised space, thank you for sharing all your tips! I love using various containers to keep all the small things in one place, otherwise it’s virtually impossible to keep them contained. I also use shoe boxes as such containers, they are very practical. I also like the idea about labels, it will make finding things a lot easier, especially if the containers are not see-through.

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