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How to Have a Girl’s Night Out During a Time of Social Distancing

Hey girl!  How are you doing this time?  I don’t know about you, but I’m about ready for a girl’s night out!  Since that isn’t possible right now, we’ve got the next best thing!  A virtual girl’s night out!

Now more than ever we need to check on our girls to make sure they are okay as I’m sure you can attest to the fact that it can get lonely; especially if you live alone.

Girl's night out - social distancing

I put together a guide to help you plan a virtual girl’s night out!

Needed equipment for your girl’s night out

This is when I really love technology and am so thankful to have it!  There are a number of ways to have your girl’s night out so you can see your friends.

  • Zoom: This video conferencing service has a free plan if none of you have an account.
    • There can be 24 guests and your get together can last for up to 40 minutes.  I  don’t know about you, but if I was hosting a party for 24, there is no way 40 minutes would be enough!
    • There is also a 14.99/month version that allows for 100 guests and your meeting is capped at 24 hours.  Look, if any of you have a 24-hour party, can a girl get an invite because that is going to be some kind of par-tay!
    • There is an app for Apple and Android users.
    • This gets you Apple and Android users at the same party.
  • FaceTime: If you’re an Apple user, of course, this really needs no explanation.  Use your phone, your computer, or your table to get your party started.
  • Google Hangouts:  Whether you’re an Android user or Apple user, computer, phone, or tablet, you can host your party on Google Hangouts.  It’s free!
  • Skype:  Good ‘ole Skype has been around for a while.  It’s also free and can be used no matter the device.

Take a look at all of them.  I’ve used them all and have had no problems with them so it really is a personal preference and needs.  Y’all this isn’t supposed to be hard.  Don’t go pick something that you need to pay for if it’s not necessary.  This is supposed to be fun and a release because right now, we all need it.

I’m an introvert and even us introverts are feeling it so pick one and get to planning the rest of your party.  if it turns out you are going to have a big party and the $14.99/month for Zoom is a stretch, see if those coming wouldn’t mind contributing.  If you had 15 people, that’s $1.00 each, more than that Starbucks coffee, more than that bottle of wine.

Girl’s night out themes

Now that you’ve got the how-to let’s talk themes.  This is the super fun part.  Your theme will dictate decorations.  Here are a few theme ideas.

Wine party: Now I will have a wine party all day every day.  Okay, maybe not all day, just any day.  There are so many ways you can pull this off.  You can do it educational style of just grab your favorite bottle and enjoy your friends!

  • Educational wine party*.  I promise this is fun.  Each attendee chooses their favorite wine and educates everyone about it such as where it’s made, the price point, the taste, what it pairs well with, and where it can be purchased.  You can also have those very foods there with you to show everyone!
  • Wine and cheese pairing party*. Choose your wine and favorite cheese to go with it!

*With these 2 options, you can also send out a wine list ahead of time to allow for your guests to order their wine in time for the party.  Depending on where you and your guests live, check out Amazon and Drizly for delivery.

Wine and cheese pairing

Movie night: Nothing like a great romantic comedy or a good action movie. Decide on a movie and watch it together.  The great thing is that you can start and stop the movie from commentary because you know there will be a lot of talking!

Book club: I don’t know about you all, but if you’re a big reader, you and your friends can rotate choosing books and discuss the greatness you read.  I suggest having questions ready to ask to keep the discussion going.

Get the book club tracker spreadsheet

Let’s go shopping: Now you may say, “Lynn, what’s the point of shopping?  I have nowhere to go?”  Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you need to stay in your PJs every day all day.  How will it work?  All you have to do is share your screen and share with your girls, what you want to purchase.  

While your husband may not like me much, he won’t mind because you will look super cute in those clothes you bought on your shopping trip with your girls!

Clean out your closet/clothes swap: The last time I was in Houston, I helped my sister clean out her closet.  We had large piles of clothes that she will take to a local women’s shelter.  If you saw the movie Sex and City, remember when Carrie was getting married to Big (finally) and she invited Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda to her apartment to help her clean out her closet?  Her 3 girlfriends put up signs showing if she should keep an item or ditch an item.  They had champagne, laughed, and were able to reminisce over the years of their friendship.

You my friend, can do the same!  Turn your camera or computer so that your friends can see your closet and so that you have somewhere to put your piles of things to keep, things to ditch, and things to give away to a women’s shelter or places like Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  Depending on their condition, you could even take them to a local consignment store and make some extra cash!

Grab your closet cleaning signs

I’m hoping you and your friends are going to have a great time and let me know how your party went!

What ideas do you have to share for parties while we under quarantine?

Do you know the great thing about these ideas?  Whether we’re quarantined or not, you can still have these great virtual parties with your girls!

If you need any help or have questions about planning your virtual girl’s night out, just send me an email!


    • Lynn says

      Hi, Kathy! Thanks so much for visiting. Yes, that is one of the nice things about being virtual. You really do have so many options of things you can do to still feel connected. Stay safe!

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