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House Hunting Has Started

House Hunting

On my last trip to Raleigh, which will be my last until I move, E and I started looking for houses. We each have an app on our phone, I have the Realtor.com app and he has the Redfin app, both of which are available on Android and iPhone. We had a couple of houses we had already driven by to see if we liked them. 

E had his heart set on a house, but the house was contingent, which means someone has made an offer on the house, the person selling the home accepted it, but there is something-criteria that must be met first. Our Realtor followed up, but the owners were confident the house would be purchased in the next month so they were no longer allowing anyone to view the house. E was pretty bummed, but he still held on to hope (he’s so good about that)!  

Our tastes in houses for the most part the same, thank goodness! When it’s time to buy a house, sit down together and decide on the area you want to live in, your purchase maximum and your monthly mortgage payment you can afford, as well as your down payment. Don’t forget you won’t just have a mortgage payment. You will also have insurance, taxes, and possibly HOA fees (homeowners association fees). Decide on these things BEFORE you go looking. It will save a lot of headache and heartache in the future, trust me!

Knowing your must haves is important. Write down everything you want in a house; you should each do this separately so you can compare your lists. 

Here are some of the things on E’s list:

  • Large backyard
  • Pool
  • Large basement 
  • House with character
  • No HOA (Homeowner’s Association) fees
  • Open concept on the first floor
  • Carpet
  • 3,000 sq ft
  • 2 car garage

Here are some things on my list:

  • Large kitchen with island
  • Master bedroom with sitting area
  • All brick
  • Hardwood floors
  • House with character
  • No HOA (Homeowner’s Association) fees

After house hunting, we definitely learned a lot about options, what we want and what we don’t want.  There were things that came up we hadn’t even considered such as, how important is a move-in ready house?  Are we okay with new construction?  This is one of the new construction houses we looked at and I loved this house!  The biggest problem with this house?  No back yard.  That was a top priority on E’s list.

New Construction House

Look at that kitchen!  So in love!  Savvy Homes did a great job with this house!

Savvy Home Kitchen in Raleigh NC

We had always said some things weren’t that big of a deal because we could always get my brother-in-law who is a contractor to fly into Raleigh and he would help us with some upgrades and changes (he’s already kind enough to help-we checked first)!

This house was one of E’s favorites, of course because of the big yard and the pool!

House Hunting in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

The kitchen was nice, but I’m not big on open concept. 

Island kitchen-house in Fuquay Varina

As we looked at houses, especially after we looked at a new construction house, we wondered just how realistic is it to think we are going to do those renovations and how long will it be before my brother-in-law could even come in town?  E and I like to entertain and travel so what is the likelihood that we are going to want to give up our weekends to do home renovations; especially in the summer when we could be on jet skis somewhere?  Highly unlikely!

It was then we realized we needed to give up some things on our list or at least compromise so we each feel we got something we wanted.  

We have plenty more houses saved on our apps, but today was a great learning experience and we still have many houses to look at until we find the one.  But, the first thing is to narrow down out choices and decide on what is really important to us!

Have any house hunting tips you want to share?

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