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House Buying Update: We’re Homeowners!

We closed on the house last Thursday, on time.  We are officially homeowners!  And guess what?  All of the repairs were completed before closing!  It’s amazing to me how so much work goes into preparing for the day of closing, months in fact and when you go to closing, it’s not even an hour!

I was surprised we slept the night before, but we did and woke up early, of course.  🙂  In my mind, we were going to breakfast before closing, but that didn’t happen so we decided we’d eat after the closing.  E and I are silly so during the closing we were cracking jokes and I think that helped to ease the tension and we all had a good time!

After closing, we headed to our home.  I have to laugh a bit when I say home, but it’s a good laugh!  What’s funny is that our new home was about 15 minutes from the office where the closing was, but it took us an hour to get there.  Don’t ask me why or how.  It just did!  LOL

I had butterflies in my stomach from both nerves and excitement as we drove down the street to our house.  It’s funny because as we walked up, it seemed so weird that after 2 months and several drive-bys, all those emails all of those trips here and there, all of those text messages, and all of those pictures it was finally done and we have our new home, which is better than I would have ever imagined!

Many of our family members didn’t even know we were in the middle of buying a home so it was super exciting to start sending text messages with pictures of our new house.  E christened the house, we had champagne, and of course, I then went into my decorating mode!  I got out my paint samples that I talked about in my last post and we decided the tan colors were just too blah and boring and with the 2 gray colors, one was too dark and one was too light.  


It was definitely an eventful day and we spent 2 hours in the urgent care facility because E cut his hand and had to get stitches (that’s a long story)!  After urgent care, we went out to our favorite sushi restaurant so far that we’ve found here in Raleigh, Kanki, and  celebrated!  

The following day, Friday, E’s family would start to arrive.  His cousin and parents were coming from DC. E and I are both PKs (Pastor’s Kids) and we wanted his parents to pray over the house.  Luckily we didn’t have to move by ourselves and while I wanted to only move with my finger (I’ve watched too many commercials), I definitely didn’t have to do any heavy lifting!  4 of his fraternity brothers came first thing Saturday morning to help us move and so with us, his cousin, and 4 fraternity brothers, the 6 of us were able to finish moving in about 4 hours in this hot North Carolina sun!

The plan was to spend the night at the hew house starting that Friday night, grill for everyone who helped us move and have a wonderful time, but guess what?  We forgot to have the water turned on!  LOL  Yes, we had no water until Monday morning!  So that meant we had to stay at the apartment that didn’t really have anything in it, but, it did have water!  I laughed at myself because I created a document to make sure I turned off and notified everyone that I was leaving Maryland, but didn’t do the reverse to move into the new house!  

That meant my idea of relaxing in the jacuzzi bath wasn’t happening either!



If you are moving, have moved, or are thinking about moving, make sure to create a list of all utilities that need to be turned on.  Our Realtor’s assistant gave us a list, but due to some miscommunication between E and myself, we completely missed that one!  

Once we finished unpacking the truck, we all gathered in the living room and E’s Dad prayed over the house and then his Mom prayed and blessed each room in the house and that was wonderful!  After prayer, everyone went their separate way, we took the moving truck back and then enjoyed dinner at The Big Easy, a New Orleans-inspired restaurant, which is quickly becoming another one of our favorite restaurants.

This was a wonderful way to end the day.  I don’t see rainbows very often so to see it on this day may it even more special!



So that’s how we spent our moving weekend and we survived!  Now the real work begins!
See ya later!

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