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House Buying Update: 2 Days Until Closing

Okay, so I’m going to say this is still a lesson in patience.  We had the house re-inspected and after receiving the report from Joe, our inspector, only TWO of the items that were to be repaired have been repaired from a list of 12 things.  We’re 2 days from closing and nothing has really been done.  I went running this morning to let off a little steam at least I’m getting some exercise! 

You know I had to pick up the phone and call our Realtor.  He was surprised as well.  We were both quite surprised because the seller’s Realtor told us the repairs were done.  Clearly, he didn’t go check himself.  It’s even more upsetting because we paid to have another inspection done to make sure the repairs were completed.  The 2nd inspection was a complete waste of money because the repairs were not done and the seller’s’ Realtor knew we were having the re-inspection yesterday morning.

Thankfully, our Realtor is the best ever and he went to the house to review all that had not been done.  By the time he arrived, guess what?  More of the items had been completed.  The only conclusion we came to is that between the re-inspection and when our Realtor arrived, the repairman completed more repairs, but they were still not complete.

We’ve been assured by the seller’s Realtor all repairs will be complete by tomorrow, but we’ll see.  Tomorrow is E and I’s final walkthrough.

On a happier note, because I’m excited and can’t wait (remember, I’m praying for patience), I went to Home Depot today.  I know, I know, but I couldn’t resist!  I got paint samples for the 1st level and 3 backsplashes I found for the kitchen.  These are the Behr paint samples I grabbed.  We knew we wanted a gray or something in the tan/khaki family to keep things neutral, especially with the large fireplace in the family room.  All of the tan colors once we painted samples to the wall were too dull and boring for us and so none of th0se colors made the cut.




With the grays, after painting samples on the wall, it came down to Mission Control and Pencil Sketch, but Mission Control was too dark and Pencil Sketch was too light.  We needed a color in the middle so back to Home Depot we go!

These are the backsplashes for the kitchen.  The 2 stone samples will go well with our stone fireplace and the glass sample will go well with the granite countertop.  Decisions, decisions!  We’ll make a final decision once we decide on the paint.



So, which Behr paint sample and backsplash do you like?
See ya later!

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