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Week 1: Home Office Makeover – Vibrant, Bright, and Bold With a Touch of Farmhouse

When E and I were house hunting, one of our musts was to have a minimum of 4 bedrooms.  Nope, not so that when our families came to visit us they would have somewhere to stay, but because we had plans for each of those rooms.  Our Realtor did a wonderful job and found a house with 5 bedrooms and it’s perfect!

One of these bedrooms is being used for my home office.  Y’all I’ve been pee piddlin’ with that room now for almost a year!  Yes, I know, it’s ridiculous!  I do one thing and move on to another part of the house, but no more.  I need y’all to help hold me accountable.  I’m giving myself the next 4 weeks to get this room done. Yep, 4 weeks. I know those 4 weeks are going to go fast and we have family coming into town, but I’m bound and determined to have this room completely finished!

Home office makeover

Each week for the next 4 weeks, I’ll post about my progress and on week 4, I’ll reveal my home office makeover!  Having you on this makeover journey with me is going to be so much fun.  I’m excited!

The Room

So my home office is a bedroom across the hall from our guest bedroom.  I chose this room because it has the most light.  I take a lot of pictures and natural lighting is always the best.  Plus, when I’m working on a project, I need as much light as I can get.

It’s a good-sized room at 12 x 14 giving me plenty of room for all the furniture and craft areas.  There’s is nothing special or spectacular about this room right now.  It’s a very pale yellow, has 2 windows, a closet and that’s about it!  But what I have planned for this room is going to bring it to life!

Home Office Makeover Decor Plans

The first thing I do when it comes to decorating a room is to come up with 3-5 words to describe that room.  I call them my Room Words. Everything involving the decor of that room has to fit those words.  If it doesn’t, it’s not happening!

Next is a mood board.  You can’t just start throwing a room together!  To start the decorating process, I create a secret board on Pinterest and just start pinning anything I see that I like.  When you do this, eventually, you’ll start to see patterns and it’s from there that you can create your mood board.  If your ideas and styles change, that’s okay, but it’s a good idea to have a guide and that’s where your mood board comes in handy.  It keeps you on track!

Things on your mood board don’t have to be the exact decor you want in your room.  It can be on your board because you like the colors, the concept, or the piece so don’t limit yourself based on that.

Home Office Makeover Mood Board

You can see my mood board below with my colors.  As you can see, I’m going for bold, vibrant colors.  I love color and since this is going to be my room, I’m going to make it just as I would like!

Thank you to the Pinterest boards of The Zoe Report, Decoration for House, DIY Joy, Love Create Celebrate, Home Lovr, and Centsational Girl for the inspiration!


  • Since this room is going to be so full of color, I’m going to do the reverse and have pops of white accessories.  I think that will be so much fun!
  • All furniture will be colored and modern
  • I ‘ll have some type of wall decal lettering, but not sure what at this time.
  • An accent wall..either painted or wallpaper
  • The main wall color will be gold
  • A seating area with 2 oversized chairs with pillows of different textures

So that’s my plan for my home office makeover!  Thanks so much for joining me and I’ll see you next week with my progress report!


    • Lynn says

      Thanks, Leighann. I was a bit hesitant at first, about the pops of white and then decided I would go for it. I think it’s what the room will need to break up all of those colors.

  1. Lisa says

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your office. A workspace that we love is so important for our productivity too so I know you are going to just love it after the makeover is complete. I have just started working on my office and your Room makeover checklist is just what I need!

  2. Joline says

    I look around at my own home office as I sit here reading this and I realize this space needs a makeover too! Looking forward to seeing how yours go 🙂

  3. Lauren says

    Ohhh yessss! I’m loving this. I can’t wait to see how this turns out. This is giving me major inspo. I need to do an office makeover too. 🙂

  4. Naomi says

    I love the layout of this post, and your charismatic personality in your writing made my day reading about your home makeover!!

  5. Michele says

    Those are some great ideas. I cannot wait to have my own house with a room so I can have a productive room to write in. Good luck with your office.

  6. Deena says

    How fun! I am still in process of making over my office. I love that you have so much light for picture taking! It’s good that you have a deadline for finishing it, I need to give myself a deadline as well!

    • Lynn says

      Deena, it’s been almost a year. I had to make myself stay focused and stop working on other rooms! lol. Good luck with your office and I’d love to see it once you’re done!

  7. Jenn says

    I like that you’ll have your own space other than your bedroom. I also like you’re going to make it colorful and modern!

    • Lynn says

      Yes, I was so glad we were able to find a house that would allow us to each have our own offices. Can you imagine sharing an office like this with my husband? It would have never worked! lol

  8. Robin says

    So exciting! I wish I had thought about light more when I was choosing which room to turn into an office. We took the two brightest rooms and made them into bedrooms, and the office is a little dark. That, plus the clutter that always accumulates on the desk, and the lack of comfy seating keep me from working in there much. I need to get on that–you have me inspired!

    • Lynn says

      Robin, I’m so bad about the clutter on the desk. I’m hoping once I’m done with the makeover, I’ll be better about that!

    • Lynn says

      I like minimalism in certain rooms, but in my office, I love color so much I needed it to be bold. Thanks for stopping by, Bianca!

    • Lynn says

      Thank you! Yes, that yellow is so happy. You just can’t be in a room with that color and not be happy! 🙂

  9. D'Ana Joi says

    Hi Lyn! I have a whole Pintrest board dedicated to my desire to have a home office one day. I’m in a one bedroom apartment right now that I share with my boyfriend, but one day I hope we have a home big enough for me to have a bright beautiful room like yours to work (and play) in!

  10. Ophelia Tang says

    The bright color is very warm and a great choice to use in a office. I love the makeover. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Nicole says

    I love your mood board color choices! This is going to look fabulous, can’t wait to see your room once it’s done.
    Thanks for sharing your home office makeover ideas at the #HomeMattersParty this week!

    • Lynn says

      Thanks, Nicole! I can’t wait for the reveal. It’s a lot of work, but I’m excited for it to be finished.

    • Lynn says

      LOL….It does help you stay on track. When I think about running off to work on another project, I can’t because I’ve made this public and now people know! LOL. Can’t wait to see your kitchen update.

  12. Kate Evans says

    Hello Lynn, I was looking for an inspiration for my new home and I found it finally. I loved this post. This is looking so cute. I can’t wait to turn my home and office. This is a helpful post for me. Thanks and keep posting with us.


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