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Fall Colors For My Home: Monday Morning Color Watch #15

Y’all, we’ve got less than 30 days until Fall.  How is that?  Before you know it we’ll be talking about Christmas shopping and yes, I do know that some people have already started Christmas shopping.  I’m just not that good.

Fall color ideas

Last week I decided on my colors for the Fall and started shopping for my decor.  This year the goal is to decorate the mantle, dining room, and wrap-around porch.  I spent this past weekend painting vases and wood and shopping.  I got a few side eye’s from E, but that’s okay…he always likes everything once I’m done!

You know I like color so I’m going bold and vibrant this year.  Maybe I’m still on the high of making my home office over, but that’s what I’m doing.  I’m going with orange, burgundy, and gold.

Fall decor color palette

Have you decided on the Fall colors for your home decor yet?

Decorating for the Fall is so much fun and I’m even more excited because this will be the first time I’m decorating for our house; last year we were so busy just trying to get the rooms painted!    With the Fall around the corner, that means we run right into the holidays; it all seems like such a blur and can be super overwhelming.

To help make your decorating easier for the Fall, I’ve created a guide for you called,

How to Decorate Your Home For The Fall”

Fall decor guide

In this guide,  I talk about

  • Deciding on your colors
  • Color palettes
  • Over 30 ways you can decorate your house for the Fall
  • And more!

Click here to grab your copy of the How to Decorate Your Home For The Fall guide.


  1. Lisa says

    I have started to swap out my summer bright colors and decided to go for a neutral color scheme. The winters are so long here that I want the colors to be calming with just a hint of summer. Downloading your fall decorating guide to check out your ideas!

  2. Nicole says

    That deep purple is gorgeous, and all of these colors contrast really nicely with the light and breezy colors I see you talking about a lot!

  3. Sarah says

    I absolutely love Fall, it’s my favourite season by far…I can’t wait for Christmas! They’re some really great colours too, very inspiring!!

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