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Me, Golf, and the President

Golfing in Maryland

With only a few weeks left of living in DC, I find myself as a tourist in the very city I live in. Suddenly all things I said I wanted to do and put off, I’ve got to get it done.  Nevermind the fact that we will be back to DC visiting since E’s family is here, but in my mind, I need to start ticking things off my list!

Since E was in town this weekend, one thing we’ve said we always wanted to do is to  learn to play golf.  He has friends who play regularly so from time to time, he goes with them to play or to the driving range.  Me on the other hand, can count on one hand the timesI’ve been on a golf course and a driving range.

Courses at Andrews

Golf at Andrews Airforce Base

If I do go the driving range, it’s almost impossible for me to do anything, but sit and watch because I play left handed.  Strange as it is, even though I am right handed, I play all sports left handed.  Let me tell you, driving ranges don’t have left handed golf clubs.

Great person that he is, E went to Goodwill a few months ago and found some left handed golf clubs so I don’t have to just sit on the sideline and watch anymore!  Trying to hit that little ball is no easy task.  I hit air way more than I hit that ball, that’s for sure!  My form wasn’t what it should be, but E’s friend showed me how to hold the club.  He said, “Just get used to holding the club and hit the ball for right now.”  So that’s what I did!

Play golf at Andrews Airforce Base

Saturday morning we headed to Andrews Air Force Base to hit a few golf balls at the Courses of Andrews.  It was a little chilly, but an amazingly beautiful morning.  E was hitting balls left and right and let me tell you, each time I hit a ball, I did my happy dance.

Eric Playing Golf at Andrews Airforce Base

While we were at the golf course that morning, guess who else was there?  President Obama! This is one thing I’ll miss about living here; you never know when you will be somewhere that our President and First Lady are.  He ended up playing on the other side of the course.  So close, yet so far.  It would have been pretty cool to meet him!

President Obama at Andrews Airforce Base

Since we weren’t going to have the honor of meeting the President, we moved on over to a part of the golf course that reminded me of putt-putt golf.  There wasn’t anyone in the area, but us so there was less stress, on my part anyway to make sure I hit the ball and just have fun and swing.  Funny because I hit more balls in that area than I did just hitting balls on the range!

Golf course at Andrews Airforce Base

Today was a great getaway from all of the packing and forgetting all of the hub bub around us!

When you have a lot going on, how do you escape and have fun?
See ya later!

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