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Gift Ideas For The DIYer In Your Life

Gift Ideas For DIYer

As a DIYer, nothing makes me more excited than when I receive tools that will make it easier for me to complete all of my home and craft projects (there are a ton of them)!  This past Christmas, I received several tools and I was on cloud nine (don’t get me wrong, I still love jewelry)!

I wanted to prepare this gift guide to help you with finding a gift for the DIYer in your life! This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  You can learn more about my disclosures here.

Gift Ideas For The DIYer In Your Life

Gifts for DIYers of all levels


Auto-Leveling Laser With AnglePro


Valentines Day gift ideas for the DIYerI can’t tell you the countless times this laser has saved me!  I do many of my projects when E isn’t around.  Using this tool lets me know if what I’m hanging is straight or not.  It’s a lifesaver! 


Safety Glasses

717r-z73cwl-_sl1500_2Safety is very important when working on projects.  Your eyes are precious so make sure they are protected! 


Beginner Tool Set 

gift ideas for the DIYer

Every DIYer needs a tool set and this is a great tool set to begin.  It has most of the basic tools needed.

Graphite Marker Tape Measure

gift ideas for the DIYer

Measure and mark is the name of the game with this tool.  It has a small graphite marker so you can mark off the measurements you need.


Compact Reel With Chalk



This is one of my favorite tools!  I’m not the best at eyeing a straight line.  With the chalk line tool, once you have the string in a straight line, give it a pluck and boom!  You have a chalk line so you know where to cut, place your tape, or for any reason you need a straight line!

Cordless Drill


Coordless Drill

This drill makes my life easy; especially when it comes to a project that requires a lot of screwing and unscrewing.

Work Gloves

Work Gloves From Home Depot

Work gloves are an essential when it comes to working on projects.  I absolutely love these gloves.  They fit so well and they are easy to take on and off. 

Advanced Tool Set

514tz154qjl1I love this tool set because it comes with a very much needed tool – a drill!  It also has the needed basics for the DIYer.

Electronic Stud Finder



When hanging, especially heavy items, you need to know where the studs are so your pictures have better support.  

Sheet Sander


I don’t know which I do more, paint or sand, but I’m sure it’s neck and neck.  I can’t imagine having to sand everything with just a sheet of sand paper!  This gift will definitely be appreciated.

 Which will you get for the DIYer in your life?  Is there something you think I left off the list?

See ya later!

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8 Comments… add one
  • Christi 02/13/2017, 11:48 AM

    Great ideas! My best friend loves to diy, she would love all of these!

    • Lynn 02/16/2017, 11:42 AM

      Thanks Christi!

  • Claire 02/13/2017, 1:02 PM

    Love these ideas! Actually i love to diy but i have never completed my kit in a good way!


    • Lynn 02/16/2017, 11:43 AM

      It is so much fun, isn’t it Claire? Thanks for commenting!

  • Jessica 02/13/2017, 2:53 PM

    My husband loves to build things himself. I think he would love all of these.

    • Lynn 02/16/2017, 11:43 AM

      Great Jessica!

  • Crystal 02/13/2017, 4:54 PM

    Great gift ideas very helpful.

    • Lynn 02/16/2017, 11:43 AM

      Thanks Crystal!

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