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DIY Project:From Table Legs to Candle Holders

Ya know those tall and chunky candle holders that seem to be becoming more and more popular? I LOVE them, don’t you?  But what I don’t love about them is their price.  Y’all, I cannot spend $75+ on one candle holder.  Just.  Cant. Do.  It.

There’s a console table in our living room that I wanted big, tall, candle holders, but the price kept me from getting them.  Then one day, I said to myself, “Lynn, make your own!”  I mean, duh…our house is full of DIY projects so why couldn’t this be one too?

Well, between Home Depot and Michaels, I figured it out!  Today I’m going to share this super easy tutorial on how to make your own candle holders.  When I say easy, I mean, less than an hour easy and you only need 1 tool; a drill!

Stair baluster candle holder

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I used chalk paint because I wanted to keep the matte/flat look I have in the living room.  I thought about staining these but decided to use the burgundy accent color.  You may have noticed there are no amounts listed for the materials needed above.  That’s because it depends on how many candle holders you’re making.  Everything is a one to one ratio so if you are making 6 candleholders as I did, you’ll need 6 table legs, 6 unfinished wood circles, and 6 screws.  If you’re making 2 candle holders, you’ll need 2 candleholders as I did, you’ll need 2 table legs, 2 unfinished wood circles, and 2 screws.  I think you get the idea.  Let’s make candle holders!

How to Make Candle Holders


You’ll need to mark the center of the unfinished wood circles.  Grab a ruler and draw a line on the circle.  You’ll need a horizontal line down the center of the circle and a vertical line down the center of the circle.

DIY Candleholders


Where these 2 lines meet in the middle, is where you will drill the screw.  Draw a circle in the center of the disc where the horizontal and vertical lines meet.

DIY tall candleholders


Grab a drill bit and drill a hole in the wood circle where the 2 lines intersect.

Wooden disc drill bit

Take a screw and drill it a quarter way through the hole in the wood circle.  Don’t drill the screw all the way down.

Wooden disc drill bit

Place the wood circle on top of the table leg and finish drilling the screw into the table leg.  Now, my friend, you have a candleholder!

DIY table leg candleholders

Use chalk paint to paint your candle holder.  Wait to dry and then place your candles on top!

Paint candleholders

Yep, it’s that fast, that easy, and that simple!

Painted DIY candleholders

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  1. Jen says

    These are so cute! We are actually redoing our staircase soon and I will have so many legs that we were just going to throw away! I am going to have to do this!!

  2. Jane Richmond says

    This is really so nice! very cost effective, innovative and creative way to decorate the house, it is obvious now that for making your house beautiful you always do not need lots of money, just a combination of passion and creativity.

  3. Jane @ Modern Housewives says

    These are so pretty, thank you for sharing such detailed instructions! I have 3 chairs with similar legs that I’ve been meaning to throw away for a while now, but I think this project is something I will try instead, My daughter and I love engaging in all kinds of DIY endeavours, and I think she’ll love this one, she loves everything involving drills, glue guns and other machinery. I hope I’ll have an engineer in the family one day.

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