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Have you ever had this great idea in your mind and then when you’re in the thick of it, you ask yourself, “What was I thinking?!”   That was me with this room makeover. 

If you’re just joining this series, one, two, and three, you can click the links below to see the plans.

You guys, this has been one of the most difficult makeovers I’ve done.  It’s not because making over a room is difficult, but the individual projects are what have been the most difficult.  There are three large projects in the room, which are reupholstering the hairs, putting the var together, and putting the cabinet together. I decided to keep the paint color, the wall decor, and the rug currently in the room, but everything else is new.

Den Makeover Plans

As a refresher, here is the moodboard for den, which was super helpful to make sure I stayed with the vision I had for the room.

Den Makeover Moodboard


Chair reupholstery

Chair reupholstery


Getting Started: The Chairs

If you plan to reupholster or are thinking about reupholstering, I highly recommend taking the Chair Whimsy reupholstering course (I’m not an affiliate), but this class was extremely helpful and so is the instructor, Wendy Conklin.  I knew reupholstering was difficult, but even knowing that, I still wasn’t prepared for the intense work involved with this project!  Let me tell you, I had many a sore hand and arms, but it was so worth it!

As a reminder, this is what the chairs originally looked like.


The longest part of the whole process, for me, was deconstructing and stripping the chairs.  I had no idea how many staples could be in a chair.  I feel as if I ever see a chair again, I’m going to scream!  It’s funny because I always thought it was simply glued and screws that were keeping the chairs together.  I had no idea staples were involved and geez, so many of them!

I quickly realized that my original idea of working on a chair one at a time was not a good idea so I worked in batches.  I deconstructed all four chairs, then I stripped all four chairs, and then stained all four and continued to work on them at working in this way made a world of difference!  With work, it took me several weeks to break down these chairs and stain them as you can tell that my last update was a few weeks ago!


I was so happy when this phase was over because it meant it was time for the fun part, staining and then putting them back together again.  My dining room table (I knew that 9.5 ft table we created would come in handy!) became my workbench when it was time to add the fabric and rebuild.  At first, I was going to build sawhorses, but decided against it since these four chairs would be the only time I plan to ever reupholster anything.

I was a bit apprehensive about mixing the patterns for the front and back of the chairs, but quickly got over that once I saw how great they looked!

So I know this is what you’ve been waiting for!  The finished look!

The Chairs Revealed!

So here they are, my true labor of love, the completed reupholstered chairs.  I’ve got two left to complete, but I’m so proud of myself for this first round and have learned so much of what NOT to do on the next two.


Have you ever reupholsted?  Share your tips and tricks because I’m sure they will come in handy!

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