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It’s a Wonderful House Fall Tablescape Tour

If you’re coming over from Roots North and South, then welcome!  If this is your first time to Back to the South, I’m so glad you came for a visit!

Fall is my favorite season.  The not too hot, not too cold weather makes it a favorite and it means it’s time for boots, leaves, and pumpkins!  I tend to go overboard when it comes to Fall decorations, but our house looks so amazing and is so cozy once I’m done decorating.  Fall decor gives your home a warm fuzziness that just isn’t there during any other season.  Maybe that’s because it’s been so hot for so long?  What do you think?  It also means it’s time for football (go Cowboys), crockpot dinners, boots, and apple cider.  See, what is there not to love about this season?

This year my theme is a pumpkin patch.  The first floor is full of pumpkins and I love it!  One of the great things about living in the country in North Carolina is the pumpkin farms!  You can pick your own pumpkins and the colors are ah-maz-ing!  They were too big to place on the table, but I’ll add some around the house, that’s for sure! I mixed the soft neutral colors with the bright, vibrant colors of Fall.

Fall tablescape inspiration

Last year when I decorated for the Fall, I said that for this year, I was going to go with a completely different color scheme and go with more muted tones. I ended up not doing that but going with the same color scheme I had last year; brown, orange, green, and burgundy.  I’m such a color person that the house seemed odd to have the house in those colors.  So back to the store, I went to return the items I purchased and buy lots and lots of colorful Fall items.

This year I’m super excited because we finished building our 8 ft. farmhouse table and we’re going to get to have Thanksgiving dinner on that table.  It was a true labor of love, but it was worth every late night, splinter, and sand full of hair weekend and night I had until E and I finished it.

Fall tablescapes

As we were making the table, I kept telling E that I thought it was way too big, but now that it’s built and in the dining room, it’s perfect and everyone will be able to sit around the table together.  Having a table that seats 10 comes in quite handy when you’re planning for the holidays!

Another great thing about having a table this size is styling it.  Y’all that is the most fun!  I have so many ideas and think poor E is tired of seeing constantly change it.  Since we’re going to have a full house for Thanksgiving and I didn’t want to take away from the beauty of the table, I decided to keep the styling of it pretty simple.  I definitely went with the less is more.  Well, I should say, E strongly suggested that we go with the less is more idea and he was actually right!

How to decorate your dining room table for the Fall

I’ve spent months looking for just the right chairs with no luck.  I wanted to build a bench and have chairs on the other side of the table, but E said he didn’t want the table to look like a picnic table (not sure what picnic tables he’s been looking at.  I’ve not seen a picnic table this nice)!  After not being able to find any, I had given up and stopped looking.  Wouldn’t you know it when we were looking for a chair for E’s closet, I found some!  The natural color of the chairs really brightens up the room.  What do you think?

It was important to keep neutral chairs since I change our decor so much.  Now it won’t matter what colors I choose so I can cross that off the list when redecorating the room and styling the table.

This tablescape is a mixture of the old with the new!  I purchased the orange ribbon and terra cotta pots from Michael’s, the candles are from Pier 1.  I had the pumpkins from last year and the vases on the rod iron stand with the boxwood stems are something I already had at home.  The Dollar Store had some amazing pumpkins and chose the brown pumpkins with a leaf to use as the placeholders for when I set the table for Thanksgiving.

Fall dining room tablescape

Having a beautiful tablescape doesn’t have to be expensive and as I always say, make sure to shop at home first before you head out to buy new things.  As we head further into the Fall season, you can decorate your home with items from nature such as leaves, pine cones, grass, flowers, and much more!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have just as much fun creating your Fall tablescape as I did and found much inspiration from me and my other blogger friends!  Next up on the tour is White Arrows Home.



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  1. candy says

    You did everything right from the pop of color to bringing in the green and natural setting. Beautiful and so simple and elegant as well.

  2. Angelina says

    Your table is so pretty with the pops of orange! I love the greenery you added – it looks so beautiful! I love how the green on the table incorporates the green garland on the wall. It looks really lovely.

    • Lynn says

      Thanks, Jasmine! Yes, it turned out great. It took several trips to Home Depot for samples to get just the right stain color.

  3. Jessica says

    Your table is beautiful! Those little pumpkins are darling. I am planning on a more muted color scheme this year, but we will see if that actually happens… 🙂

  4. Shelley from Roots North & South says

    I love the orange! And your table itself is so pretty, I can sympathize with the chair search. I bought a table and four side chairs two years ago and still can’t find chairs for the ends of the table…thanks for sharing!

  5. Lynn Vogeler says

    Coincidentally, we also made a farmhouse table since last fall. I too wanted a table that everyone could sit around and enjoy being together, My kids are also getting a bit too old to be put at the kid table. Congregating for food and fellowship is so important.

    The patina on your table is beautiful. I chose to keep my table natural because we only use it during the holidays. Our home is to small to keep it inside so I use it for outdoor entertaining in the spring, summer and fall.

    The true fall colors just work in your home. I loved every bit of your post.

  6. Amber Ferguson says

    Your table looks gorgeous in your dining room, and I think you have styled it perfectly! I love the pops of green and orange. The room seems so bright and beautiful!

    So happy to be joining you on this tour! Happy Fall!

  7. Kristin says

    I love how this came together! I love the orange ribbon- such a beautiful idea! I agree that it’s my favorite time of the year too! So fun to tour with you!

  8. Jessica says

    You have a beautiful table, Lynn and with the table setting and fall decors, it even makes it more beautiful. I like how simple yet elegant the tablescape turned out. E’s right, less is more 🙂


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