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Fall Home Tour 2017

Today is the final day of the Fall decor and entertaining blogger home tours!

Happy Friday – it’s Fall home tour day!  I’m so happy to join over 20 of my blogger friends as we open up our homes to you and share our Fall decorations.  You’ll get a chance to see how we’ve decorated pockets of our home for the Fall and give you some inspiration for your own!  If you’re popping over from Kim’s blog, Kim Power Style, welcome!  Isn’t her home so beautiful and her Fall decorations are fabulous!

Before you get started on the tour of my home, I want to say a huge thank you to Angelina over at Peonies and Orange Blossoms for getting us all together and organizing such a great tour!  Y’all, you’re going to love all the homes on this tour.  If you’ve missed any, I’ve got a list of them at the end of this post.

You always hear me talk about how much I love hot weather, but I also love the colors and decorations that come with Fall.  Watching the leaves change colors is so beautiful! We’ve been in our home a year, but this is the first chance I’m really able to start decorating for the seasons and holidays and I’m so excited.

2017 Fall home tour

This year I decided to go with the traditional colors of Fall; orange, burgundy, and gold. I sprinkled these colors throughout my home, starting with the front porch.  I had so many ideas of how I could decorate our porch, it was difficult to choose, but I decided to use our bench as the base and go from there!

When I saw this scarecrow, I knew he had to go home with me!  And I can’t have a scarecrow without some bales of hay and pumpkins.

2017 Fall front porch

I went back and forth about if I wanted to go to the farm down the street from me and purchase a real bay of hay or just buy some at the local craft store.  In the end, I decided it was going to be easier and less messy if I went to the craft store.

See…more bling!  I love the different textures of these small pumpkins.  They give the hay a pick me up.

Fall porch pumpkins

I’m always one for a little bling and the Hello Fall sign hanging on the door is no different.  The words have some bling!

Our 1st-floor powder room is narrow and compact so I kept the decorations simple to keep the room from feeling closed in. One of the great things about choosing these colors is that they pack a powerful punch!  A little decoration goes a really long way.

Fall powder room decorations

And yes, I’m so into my fall decorating that even the toilet needs a little sprucing up!

Candles and beautiful candle holders can liven up even the smallest of spaces.  One of the great things about this time of the year also is the Fall scents.  I chose apple cinnamon candles and can I say the minute you walk into the bathroom, it immediately smells like Fall.  I just love it!

Candle in powder room

Since I loved my scarecrow from outside so much, I chose to add one to my dining table decorations.

Fall dining table

Walking into our home is so full of cheer and festivity with these bright colors and the kids in the neighborhood just love the decorations on the front porch!

The focal point of our home is the fireplace and sets the tone for the entire house.  It’s one of the things that made me fall in love with it!  Let me tell you when I saw it, I came up with about 100 decorating ideas when our Realtor brought us here.

Fall decorations

It’s the area I enjoy decorating the most.  The stone gives the living room so much character!

Yes…again with more bling!  Aren’t these sparkly acorns just the cutest?!

I made the wood slice sign a couple of months ago just for the fireplace.  One day when I was at Michael’s, there on a shelf when I walked into the store where the wooden E & L you see below.  I had no idea where I was going to put them or even what color I would paint them, but I knew they were sitting there waiting on me and into the basket they went!

I finally decided on using burgundy, which is E’s favorite color, as the pop of color for this room.  It’s going to look so wonderful with burgundy accents throughout.  I’m excited!

I’ve had these glass vases for years and they were taking up space in the shed.  I knew with so much color that I needed to break it up and painting these vases with white chalk paint was the perfect solution.  They were originally blue, purple, and pink.

Thanks for stopping by, it was wonderful having you over!  Next on the tour is Lynn from Living Large in a Small House.




  1. candy says

    Wonderful job decorating your home inside and out with all the fall decorations. Love to drive by porches and see them all decorated up.

  2. Paula says

    I love seeing traditional autumn color used in home decor in fall. Your home looks so pretty and I know you enjoy that gorgeous fireplace during fall and winter.

  3. Jeanette says

    This is one of the reasons why I like fall so much. There’s so many awesome decorations that you can do. You are so creative and everything you have here is just beautiful.

    • Lynn says

      Thanks, Mar. My husband looked at me a bit strangely when he saw me with the basket for the toilet, but I couldn’t help it!

  4. Tomi C says

    Cuuuuuuuuttttteeeee. Happy 1st day of Autumn!!! Loving the glitter pumpkins, they’re one of my fave Fall decors. Just a pop of color and a touch of diva. *smile* Heading over to check out the others on the tour.

    • Lynn says

      Same here, Christy! We’ve had Summer weather all week and it probably won’t feel like Fall here until November. Oh well…at least our houses scream Fall, right?

  5. Sasha says

    I absolutely LOVE these decorations. I think I’m going to go with my daughter and find some decorations for Fall this weekend. I don’t usually decorate but these are so cute.

    • Lynn says

      You should do it, Heather. It’s so much fun as you know and really puts you in the spirit of things. Good luck and please share when your done! 🙂

  6. Jeannee Taylor says

    Lynn, So glad we were on the Home Tour the same day! I love your Decor! You have a great Front porch and your scarecrow is adorable! You really filled your house with beautiful yellows and oranges! looks fabulous!

    • Lynn says

      Thanks Holly! I love looking at tours too. Brings such inspiration and it’s fun to see how everyone decorates their homes.

  7. Lynn says

    From one Lynn to another-
    Love your fall decorating and I agree the fireplace is the focal point in a home. It’s where I start each season. Absolutely love the idea of recycling your old vases with a fresh coat of white chalk paint. Genius!

    • Lynn says

      Thanks, Lynn. Yes I try to go shopping in my house first before I head to the stores as much as possible. Loved being on the tour with you!

  8. Maria Brittis says

    This is so refreshing this home tour. I took a break from blogging and I am back and it feel great to get inspired for the fall with these lovely home tours. I am ready to start decorating my home with some of this lovely ideas. I think this is the frist time I have been at your blog and its such a happy and beautifully written blog.

  9. Emily says

    Your fireplace is so pretty! I love all of the fall decor, it is such a great season to decorate for. Also, that front porch looks amazing and so comfortable to relax on.

  10. Dr. K. Lee Banks says

    Oh my, I LOVE your home and your fall decor! The whole bench outside and the various arrangements inside – all adorable! I just hung up my fall wreath yesterday that I made a few years ago. It’s a straw wreath, with silk flowers, leaves, and a tiny scarecrow! I also have larger scarecrow on the porch and a wishing well basket with flowers – in those same colors as you have. I also put out my fall-themed kitchen decor: towels, mitts, and pot holders.

  11. adriana says

    I am loving all of your fall decor! I just pulled out existing decor to set up tomorrow, and I have a few new DIYs I want to try for the year! So fun, fall decor is the best isn’t it?! So festive and makes the house look so pretty!

  12. Jasmine says

    I’m a huge lover of fall and this is home decor tour is giving me so much more love for fall (if that’s even possible lol). I already decorated our apartment for fall and I seriously can’t wait for when we buy our first home so I can do outside decor.

    • Lynn says

      Hahahaha…yes, there is no way I could do this if we had kids. I’m already thinking of where I’m going o put everything when my family comes for Thanksgiving. The kdis range in age from 6 months to 3 years old!

  13. Cynthia says

    What a beautiful home you have! I’ve always wanted to have a fireplace, they make the living room so cosy! I wish we celebrated fall over here like you guys do!

  14. Neelam says

    I love how fun and vibrant your home is for the season, the perfect antidote to shorter days and cooler temperatures. Thank you so much for letting us in your home!

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