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The Start of A Master Bedroom Closet Makeover

When we first moved into the house, we decided the walk-in closet in the master bedroom would be mine and the bedroom next to my closet and master bedroom would be E’s. Many of my friend’s feel I may have gotten the short end of the stick, but they then realize E has a lot more clothes, shoes, and accessories than I do.  I know this master bedroom closet makeover is going to be one of those DIY home decor projects that I spend quite some time on trying to make sure I get it just right.

Master bedroom closet makeover

I’m fortunate my closet came with built-in shelves and hanging space so I only have to make a few adjustments!  I say a few,  but E says it’s a complete overhaul.  In my head, I have an idea of what I want, but I’ve also created a mood board to help me decide.

Moodboards for master bedr

It may sound crazy, but I want our master bedroom and bathroom to be a sanctuary.  My closet is a part of that sanctuary so that means this master bedroom closet makeover is going to turn it into just that; a sanctuary.

Master bedroom closet

Because of the built-ins, I have to work around them.  I don’t feel it’s cost-effective to re-do the entire closet.   With the look and feel I am seeking, I can do it and keep the built-ins.

Here are a few of the things I want to change during my master bedroom closet makeover.

  1. My closet has to be a sanctuary.
  2. I want soft colors.  Our master bedroom is a soft color.  Last week when E came home from work and he walked into the bedroom, he said, “It feels so relaxed and comfortable in here.”   I was so happy. Score!
  3. I want a furry bench, ottoman, chair, or chaise lounge.
  4. I need more shelf space!
  5. I have several long necklaces, but I place them in a jewelry bag in my jewelry box and each time I wear them I need at least 10 minutes to untangle them.  I definitely need somewhere to hang them.
  6. I want to add a rug in the center of the closet.
  7. I want a chandelier.  E gives me the side-eye on this one, but I’m hoping it can work!  If not, I’ve found several chandelier-like lamps I can place on my dresser.
  8. I need several jewelry stands, especially for earrings!

Bedroom closet

I know, my list is long and as I work, I’m pretty sure this list will grow!  As I dive in, I know some things may not be possible, but these are my goals for my closet makeover.  I hope you’ll join me as I dive in and begin!  Follow Back to the South on Instagram for the updates on my master bedroom closet makeover until the big reveal!


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