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A Day at the National Harbor

The National Harbor is a very cool area in Maryland.  It amazes me that a whole mini-town as I call it was built right on the water!  Of course, I know this can be done, but I think the fact that I watched it being built before my eyes and knowing there wasn’t anything there before hand is what amazes me.

On the waterfront, there are condos, shops, hotels, trails, restaurants, bars, and soon, the new MGM Grand.  On any given day, who knows what event is happening; everything from Zumba to watching movies under the stars.

I took a few (who am I kidding)?  I took a ton of pictures that day and thought I’d share a few with you today!

The National Harbor

See-I told you it was a mini-city!

MGM Grand at the National Harbor in Maryland

I’ve enjoyed watching the progress week after week of the new MGM Grand being built.

I think this was the best spot I found all day.  Had I stayed in DC, this is definitely an area I’d come back to with a book and lunch!

National Harbor tree

Perfect spot for a picnic!

Deer at the National Harbor

Ran into these 2 playing!

See ya later!

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