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Clean Out Day: Storage Closet + Clothes

So today I’m going to start tackling the storage closet.  Pray for me!  I don’t know about you, but do you have things you’ve kept over the years thinking, “I’m going to use that.”  But do you ever use it or does it sit in the corner or find it’s way to a box to be placed in the corner somewhere?  

How to Clean Out Your Storage Closet

Today is all about tossing things out, which is super important.  The one thing I refuse to do is move with things I already know I don’t need or don’t want.  It’s especially important for me to make sure I get rid of as much stuff as possible because as much as I hate to think about it, we’re moving 3 times (January when E moved to Raleigh, me when I move to Raleigh, and then into the house that we finally purchase).  I try not to think about it because it makes me sad to know I’m moving 3 times in 6 months so let’s move on!

As you can see, there are plenty of boxes and tubs in here and to be honest with you, I don’t even know what the heck is in all of them.  Most of the stuff in storage has been in there since I first moved here and a big part of me just wants to get a huge trash can and dump everything in there, but I’m not going to do it, no matter how great the temptation!

To do this in an organized manner, the first thing I’m going to do is pull out the boxes and tubs and peak in each one to see what’s in them.  See, I told you it had been awhile since I have been in them.  I’ll put them in groups.  I do know there is everything in here from clothes and shoes to games, important files, and curtains.  I’ll group everything together so this way it makes it easier to know what I have and I don’t keep more than 1 of something I don’t really need.  

I’m going to go through each category at a time.  So that means I’m going to go through all of the clothes and then the home decor stuff, important papers, and any other categories I have.  Now, let me say this.  Do not try to do this all in one day.  It’s too much!  I must confess, I have so many clothes and shoes (don’t judge me) that I break those categories into a couple of days.  

Clothes Sorting Labels

With my clothes, especially, some items really are like new and I’d hate to just toss them so there are a few things I can do with them.  I can toss them if they are not in the best condition, I can give them to one of my sisters (which will make them very happy), I can donate them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, I can take them to a local consignment store, or I can sell them on a site such as Wallapop US or Close 5.  I usually donate my clothes.

Getting rid of these clothes makes me super giddy and it makes me feel good knowing that I am helping someone else.  How do I decide what to get rid of?

If I haven’t used it in a year or it doesn’t make me say, “I gotta have this,” in the giveaway pile it goes!  I don’t think about it because if I do, I’ll most likely change my mind!  I place everything I want to give away in a box, tape it up, and off to Goodwill I go!

As you can see, at this point since I’ve just started, my piles are pretty even. By the time I’m done, they definitely won’t be!

Sorted Clothes When Moving

How do you get rid of clothes you no longer need, want, or can’t fit?

See ya later!

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