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3 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Purchased My Cricut Machine

I purchased one of the early Cricut machines back in 2007 and I still have it today. Back then you had to purchase cartridges and along with that cartridge came special keyboard overlays so you knew what item you wanted to create. Cricut has come a long way from that first machine I purchased back […]

My 2020 Home Decor + DIY Projects

Do you have a mile-long to-do list when it comes to things you want to finish around the house?  Me too! Thanks to the 2020 Home Decor and DIY Project Planner, I’m able to plan out what I want and need to get done.  I thought I’d share my list with y’all today.  When I […]

9 Affordable Area Rugs for Your Home

The entire first floor of our home has hardwood floors. I grew up with hardwood floors and it was one of those I have to have it, on my list of things I wanted when we were searching for our home.  I mean you can’t run and slide across the floor in your socks on […]

How to Incorporate Color Into Your Home For Spring

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I am big on color.  I mean really big and my home reflects that. I’m often asked by others, “How do I add color to my home?”  I’ve even had people say to me they are scared of color. Let me say this right […]

4 Ways to Entertain Non-Football Fans At Your Superbowl Party

It’s time for another Superbowl and that means Superbowl parties. Thinking about having a Superbowl party, but aren’t sure how to entertain those who aren’t really fans of football? Here are 4 ways to entertain guests that aren’t football fans, but you want to include them on the guest list. Have games Unless my team, […]

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