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A Quick and Easy Guide to Charcuterie Boards

Anyone who knows me even just a little knows that I adore cheese.  So much so that I pretty much eat cheese every day and it needs to be its own food group, but I’m not sure whom I need to talk to about getting that done! Are you a cheese lover like I am?   […]

Cricut Tutorial: How to Slice in Cricut Design Space

As someone who makes a lot of signs, and I mean a lot, I found myself buying stencils all of the time.  If you’ve purchased stencils, you know they are expensive.  I like a lot of variety and so I don’t want all of my signs to look the same.  I want them to each […]

10 Home Decor and DIY Design Mistakes: Part II

Earlier I shared with you, 10 Home Decor Design Mistakes Part I.  If you haven’t read part I, head on over and read that post before you move on to 6-10. There are so many mistakes I made as I mentioned in my previous post and I wanted to share a few more.  Now, don’t […]

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