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How to Prep a Room Before Painting

Before we found a home, we knew the first of the many DIY home decor projects we would need to tackle was painting.  I’d always wanted a house with gray walls and so after many trips to Home Depot to grab paint swatches and paint samples, we decided on a gray we both liked.  We […]

How to Makeover a Room With a Small Budget + Laundry Room Reveal

Am I the only one whose laundry room doesn’t get much love?  Why is that?  Maybe because it’s my least favorite room in the house. I’m in that room doing something I don’t like, laundry.  My laundry room is also too small. It’s a perfect square, which is great!  It’s just too small of a perfect square. […]

DIY Kitchen Chalkboard Pantry Door

Why is it the kitchen is the room least likely to have a pen and paper?  It seems each time I need to write something down, there’s never a sheet of paper handy and if there is, I write what I need on that little slip of paper that always lands in the trash during […]

Holiday Printable – Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is just 14 days away?  I feel as if we just celebrated the new year!  As a child, I remember sitting down at the kitchen table writing out Valentine’s Day cards for my classmates and getting my gifts together to take to school for friends. As I’ve gotten older, my […]

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