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A Birthday, A Christening, And An Engagement

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Let me tell ya something.  It’s been a heck of a few weeks!  Earlier this month we spent a week in Houston for more celebrations.  2016 has been an amazing month for my family-births, birthdays, christenings, engagements, anniversaries! 

In June I went home because one of my sisters was having her baby shower and the other was having her birthday party.  I am so thankful both of these events happened in the same weekend because had they not, I have no idea how I would have explained to one sister I made it for her christening and the other I couldn’t make it for her birthday and vice versa.  Thank God for the small things!

When I was home in June, my brother made my older sister (she lives in Kansas) and myself promise we would come back home in September for his birthday.  Let me rephrase that; it was more like a tell than really a nice ask.  My other sister decided since we would all be in town and together that she would have my niece’s christening the same weekend-score again! This was going to be my first time meeting my niece and I was so excited!

Houston is a very large city (4th largest to be exact) and I have the unfortunate pleasure to have my family live in a great part of the Greater Houston area.  Distance wise, everyone lives a minimum of an hour from one another so it makes it difficult so spend time with everyone.  No one ones to cut me some slack and congregate at one house and so that is why I usually come home when there is a special event because everyone is in the same place and it cuts down on how much I have to drive!

This trip, I decided to spend the beginning portion with my parents.  I spent 2 days with them, 2 days with one sister, 1 day with my brother, and 2 days with another sister. Each time I come home, if I go nowhere else, I must go to Pappadeaux!  There are no ifs and or buts about it and those of  you who have been understand.  Unfortunately, there is no Pappas Brand restaurant in the area.  The closest is 6 hours away!  There are 2 things on the menu I always order; Oysters Pappadeaux and a Swamp Thing.  Isn’t it pretty?

SwampThing From Pappadeaux

Spending time with younger sister #1 was really special because I had the chance to see her work.  She designs custom draperies and I have seen her work before, but this time I tagged along for an installation and can I just say, WOW!

I knew she was talented, but to see her in action was another thing and I’m so super proud and in awe of her!  Now you may think I have a biased opinion, but take a look and decide yourself!





See!  Not just my biased opinion!

Meeting my niece for the first time was so wonderful.  I miss her everyday already and it’s only been a couple of weeks.  I hate I don’t live in Houston to watch her grow up and a small part of me is worried she won’t know who I am, but I’m going to leave it in God’s hands that she will! 

My brother’s birthday party was so much fun on Saturday night.  My sisters and parents danced the night away!  I don’t know how we made it to getup early the next morning for my niece’s christening to get to the church, but we did it! 

I haven’t been to a christening as an adult, but let me tell ya, it’s a powerful thing!  To stand at the front of the church before God with family who are all committed to make sure my niece is okay and follows her purpose and stays on path is a very powerful and eye awakening thing!

After a gazillion pictures, we all headed to Carrabba’s Italian Restaurant to continue celebrating with friends and family and to close out the weekend.  Little did I know, the celebration would continue.  E and I were the last to to arrive to the restaurant because we had to take the scenic route.  In Houston, there are alot of toll roads and many of them require an EZ Pass.  Since we don’t live in Houston if you hop on those toll roads, it is quote expensive (think $99 each time)!

Since we were the last to arrive at the restaurant, we sat at the end of the tables.  E never sat down, but went to the other end of the table closer to my parents.  I thought he was just talking to my family, but what was actually happening is that he was beginning his speech to ask me to marry him in front of all of friends and family!  Guess what?  My parents and brothers-in-law all knew it was going to happen!  No one told my sisters because they know my sisters would never be able to keep the surprise away from me!

I have always loved yellow diamonds and over the years, E has asked me what I do and do not want.  Based on that…I’d say he nailed it!  Super excited and so in love with my ring!  Of course you know I had to get the ring pose in at some time that day!


As you can see, my trip home to Houston was full of events and celebration-some expected and some definitely not expected!  I’ll share wedding details as they progress.
See ya later!

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