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Birthday Celebration + A New Favorite Restaurant

Last week we celebrated E’s birthday.  With all that was going on with the house and just moving to Raleigh, it was a bit difficult finding something to do.  Difficulty probably isn’t the right word; I’ll say challenging.  It’s also difficult finding a gift for him because he has everything!

Over the years, there have been many times when we have said to each other that we won’t give gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or other holidays because we’d just be buying for the sake of buying and to us, that is just ridiculous!  

With E’s birthday being the day before 4th of July, we usually don’t go out of town because the prices for everything double and triple; another thing we think is ridiculous.  I have a hard time paying $250/night for a hotel that weekend because it’s 4th of July weekend when last week that same hotel room was only $150/night.  Am I the only one who thinks that’s crazy?

I think this year was a bit hard too because now that we’re in homeowner mode, every time I think about purchasing something, I say, “I could use that money to buy a vase!”  Don’t ask me why I do this, but I do.  It’s funny how I switch to that mentality when I know something big is coming.   

After much deliberation, we ended up just going to brunch at a restaurant called Another Broken Egg.  The reviews were ah-mazing!  Those who took the time to review the magazine kept saying the only con was that they ran out of food!  I’ve never seen a restaurant receive a review like that so I decided we should give it a try!

I am so glad we did!  The reviewers we right.  The food was ah-mazing and the service was great.  Unfortunately, it seems so hard to find great service at a restaurant these days so when I do, I’m super excited and I make sure to overly take care of my waiter or waitress.  E always gives me the side eye when I leave super large tips, but I say it will make up for all of the horrible service I’ve received at restaurants.  If you’re good, I think you should know it!

We chose to sit outside that morning even though it looked like it was going to rain that day, luckily the weather held out for us.  Another Broken Egg has several locations, but we chose the one in North Hills, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite areas.

Since we were celebrating, we ordered Mimosas.  This is where things get tragic; that was the day I learned North Carolina does not allow restaurants to serve alcohol before 12 noon.  Imagine the shock and horror on our faces when we heard this!  What’s a gal to do?  So we stuck with a cup of regular coffee and a latte.  Their mugs are so cute I wanted to take it home with me.  Next time I will have to see if they sell them.



I decided on the Crabcakes Cavallo, which is jumbo lump crab cakes, two poached eggs, Andouille infused Hollandaise with diced red peppers & green onions.  Makes your mouth water just reading it, doesn’t it?  E decided on Stan’s Mardi Gras, which was crawfish, shrimp, Andouille & red peppers, topped with tomato Hollandaise, green onions & tomatoes.  That was oh so yummy too (you know I had to sneak a bite or two)!



We talked, ate, had a few conversations with others who were outside eating and enjoyed the beautiful morning.  After we took a walk around the North Hills shops where I finally got to introduce E to one of my all time favorite cooking stores, Sur La Table.  He never fully understood why I get so excited when I talked about this store, but that day he quickly learned and I think he caught the Sur La Table bug too!  After drinking cappuccino, buying ramekins, and watching the classes we headed back to the car and off to home.

I was excited to give him his present, but I made myself wait until later in the day. I purchased a humidor, one he’d seen when we were visiting a cigar shop awhile ago.  It was so fun to see the excitement on his face when he opened that box! Funny thing is that a few weeks ago we went to a furniture store where he found a nice cabinet for his office  He wasn’t sure he was going to get it, but I kept encouraging him to do so because I knew it would work perfectly with his humidor.  After seeing his present, of course, he understood why I was pushing for that cabinet!

The day ended with a Go-Go band concert and an all around good time.  Not too shabby for not being familiar with the area, wouldn’t you say?
See ya later!

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