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6 Tips For Styling Your Console Table

Styling your console table is going to be so much fun!  Console tables are great ways to show off pictures, add some character to a room, and can also be great for storage.  I see console tables going one of two ways, usually.  Console tables tend to fall into the category of being too sparse or too cluttered.

In fact, one of my sisters says that she will never have a console table in her room because it would end up just being a table full of clutter!  Now I don’t want you to fill your home with decor items that will not serve a purpose, but I think the reason I love them so much is that their purpose can be multifold.

How to style your console table

There are 6 tips I want to give you when it comes to styling your console table.

Six tips for styling your console table

Where’s your table?

Whether your table is already in place or you’re deciding where it should go in your home, the location will determine the decor.  For example, my console table is in front of a window to look out onto my backyard.  I want to be able to look out the window with an unobstructed view and so I’m not going to place anything high on the table.  

How functional is the decor and does it make sense?

This could have gone under location, but it’s important so I wanted to make sure that you don’t miss it!  While nine times out of 10 the styling on your table is just for show, you can have items that serve 2 purposes.  For example, a basket can hide items that you don’t want to be seen or it can also act as storage.  The large basket on my console table not only holds a pillow, but it also holds the fragrance spray and extra candles I have for that room.  Unless you’re digging in my basket, no one is going to know those items are in the basket.

Does it make sense?  If your table sits in a high traffic area, I would caution you against having breakable items.  This is especially true if you have children, but accidents happen and I would hate for your favorite plate or tchotchke to be destroyed because it was accidentally bumped. Find somewhere safer for those glass items, away from high traffic areas.

Console table styling


Items varying in height are more appealing to the eye than looking at items that are all one height.  Mix it up a little, but avoid sharp drops!

Bring in your home colors

The great thing about styling your console table is that you can bring in all colors used throughout your home and any accent colors!  On my console table, as you can see, I am using the access color of yellow.  Why?  Because one of the accent colors in my living room is yellow.  It brings everything together and ties it all in.  You’ll also notice that the candle in the lantern is burgundy, another accent color in my living room.

It’s all about balance

Keeping the table balanced is also something you want to remember.  You don’t want to have one side of the table tall and another side short.  If so, it will be unbalanced and a bit difficult to follow.  Whether you go straight or diagonal, it’s completely up to you, but just remember to keep your lines so that it’s easy for the eye to follow.

Console table styling

Where should you start when it comes to styling your console table?

I always start with the tallest item and go from there.  It makes it easier to know how to create that balance.  

Divide your table

Divide your table into half.  Work with each half at a time, but again, keeping that balance.

Change is easy

If you don’t like it, you can easily change it!  How’s that for no stress and ease?

Styling your console table video

I created this video for you about styling your console so that you can watch my thought process.

Suggestions for console table decor

Enjoy styling your table and let me know how it goes!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below or just send me an email at Lynn@BackToTheSouth.com.

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