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4 Ways to Entertain Non-Football Fans At Your Superbowl Party

It’s time for another Superbowl and that means Superbowl parties. Thinking about having a Superbowl party, but aren’t sure how to entertain those who aren’t really fans of football? Here are 4 ways to entertain guests that aren’t football fans, but you want to include them on the guest list.

Superbowl party ideas

Have games

Unless my team, the Cowboys, are in the Superbowl, which hasn’t happened in a month of Sundays, I’m not really into the game.  I watch the commercials, of course, but for the last few years, those haven’t been that great either. So for your guests who are like me, what can they do while everyone else is watching the football game?  Play games! Have games such as Spades, Gin Rummy, Twister, and Jenga.

Ask them to co-host

If you’re going to be really into the game, ask a friend to be your co-host with you.  Find someone who doesn’t mind making sure the guests are okay, the food is fresh, the drinks are full, and there is soap in the bathroom.  If you have a friend who entertains also, the two of you can swap when it comes to co-hosting.

Let them have a movie night

Who doesn’t love a good movie?  Find a room in your home, set up a TV and some chairs and let them watch movies.  Thank goodness for Netflix and Hulu! There are so many movies to watch that there is surely something everyone can agree on to watch.

Have a tasting party

Whether it’s wine, whiskey, tequila, or cigars, there is always room for a tasting party.  There are companies that offer tasting parties, or you can designate a friend who is knowledgeable or who is willing to read up, discuss, and share about whatever the tasting is for.  A special treat would be to have personalized glasses for the occasion or for those who are a part of the tasting.

Back porch super bowl party

If you’re lucky to live in an area that has warmer temperatures in February, you can move it to a back patio away from all the football lovers.  The nice thing about this is that football lovers can join at any time.

You don’t have to choose which friends you invite to your home for your Superbowl party.  The key is to incorporate things into the party that will allow those non-football folks to enjoy themselves too!

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