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4 Things I’ll Miss About Living on the East Coast

What I Will Miss About DC

Last month I wrote about what I won’t miss about living on the East Coast. I thought it was only fair to share a few things about what I will miss about living on the East Coast; believe it or not, there are a few!

1. I. Love. New York.

From DC, New Your is only a 4-hour train or bus ride.  Yes, I could take the plane, but I love the bus and train experience and plus it gives me time to write blog posts!  Being able to wake up on a Saturday morning or deciding on Friday night that I want to go to NYC is something I will truly miss.  Walking through the streets of New York is so much fun!  The culture, the shops, the shows, Bryant Park, the pizza-oh, the pizza!  Last year for the first time, we went during Christmas and while it was so very cold, it was beautiful with all the lights.  If you haven’t been to NYC during Christmas, I highly recommend it!  What they do with the department store windows is amazing!

 Christmas in NYC

A New York Christmas

Spending Christmas in New York2. The National Mall

No, I’m not talking about the place you go shopping.  I’m talking about the National Mall in DC.  One of my favourite things to do in DC is to hop on the Metro (our subway) and visit the memorials, museums, and have what I like to call, A DC Adventure Day.

It’s something I started doing years ago.  E and I would hop on the metro with no destination in mind and whatever happened, happened.  Some days we walked the Mall and other days we discovered new restaurants and had great conversations with strangers.  These days have allowed us to meet some amazing people, find some of our favorite restaurants and just have fun!

On my last DC Adventure Day (at least for awhile), Cherry Blossom season began with the Blossom Kite Festival.  There is always something happening in DC, even when you don’t expect it!

The Washington DC National Mall


The National Mall

3. Monuments

Living in our nation’s capital allows me to visit the monuments anytime I want!  My favorite memorials are the WWII memorial and the Martin Luther King Memorial.  The WWII Memorial opened on April 29, 2004 and honors the 16 million who served and the 400,000 who died.  The tall granite pillars are amazing and the rainbow pool and waterworks are beautiful!  I found these facts and you can learn more by visiting the WII Memorial website.

WWII Memorial

WWII Memorial 2

My second favorite memorial is the Martin Luther King Memorial  His quotes and the large statue of Dr. King leaves you feeling inspired and wanting to change the world!  You can learn more about this great memorial on the MLK Memorial website.

Martin Luther King Memorial

Martin Luther King Quote

4. Wineries

There are several wineries in the area and one of the things I love to do is spend a Saturday afternoon catching up with friends and enjoying a glass of wine.

One of my favorite wineries in Virginia is Potomac Point Winery in Stafford, Virginia.  It’s funny because every time I go, there is a wedding!  They have a courtyard to sit outside and enjoy the wonderful day and on the colder days there is the D’vine Lounge.

My favorite wine at Potomac Point is the La Belle Vie.  It’s a crisp, white wine with a light flavor.  On this particular tip, even some of the grape leaves were in bloom!

Potomac Point Winery

Potomac Point Winery in Stafford Virginia

Virginia Wineries

While I am super excited to move back to the South next month, these are 4 things I will truly miss about living in the DC area.
See ya later!

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