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10 Home Decor and DIY Design Mistakes: Part I

You may or may not know, but my first attempt at putting a bookcase together resulted in it being put together inside out!  I was so frustrated and I didn’t take the time to redo it so it sat in my apartment like that for 2 years!  I didn’t take the time to really pay attention to the fact that the back piece wasn’t the same on both sides.  I didn’t let that stop me, but I definitely learned the importance of planning things out and reading the instructions BEFORE I started drilling, taping, gluing, or whatever else needed to be done.

I’ve made a lot more mistakes over the years during my home decor and DIY journey and I want to share some of those I’ve made in the past as well as those I’ve seen being made.

Home decor design mistakes

Home decor and DIY mistake #1

Testing the paint 

When we purchased our home, we had all of these ideas when it came to painting and the one thing we knew for sure is that we wanted a neutral color.  As with most, when we thought neutral, we thought whites and tans, and khaki colors.  We learned that wasn’t what we wanted thanks to testing the painting.

What do I mean by testing the paint?

When you see a color swatch in the store, that’s when you fall in love with it, right?  Of course, it is!  You buy the number of gallons needed to paint your room. Once you’re don, you look around the room and realize, you hate it.

So what happened?  

Mistake #1 happened.  You didn’t test the paint.  Here’s the thing with paint.  How it looks on the swatch, how it looks on the wall, how it looks on the wall during the day, and how it looks on the wall at night are different.

Before you purchase paint for that room, make sure to test it on the wall and make sure you like it, no matter what time of day.

Home decor and DIY mistake #2

Trying to make your home look like some else’s

Living room decor ideas

I love Pinterest, Instagram, and all of the other social media that allows you to see all of the beautiful rooms and homes that are around.  It’s so easy to wish that your home looked like that!  Perhaps it’s the colors of the room, the furniture, or the styling of the entire house.  You shop for all of those things you see and want the same look and feel.  

You finish styling the room and once you’re done, you realize it doesn’t look like that pretty picture you saw.  You don’t feel that same excitement that you saw.


Because you tried to take someone else’s vision and make it your own.  Sorry, friend.  I say this with the kindest thought, but you can’t take someone else’s ideas and thoughts and expect to have the same results.

You can take those pretty pictures and use them for inspiration. 

Home decor and DIY mistake #3

Forcing yourself into a style

Remember in mistake #2, I talked about not copying and using others for inspiration?  Well, that leads us to mistake #3.  

Y’all, your style is your style.  I speak with so many friends and those who ask me for decor and DIY advice, and it seems they are always trying to put a label on themselves, put themselves into a corner.  Don’t do that.  Let yourself love what you love.

I know that farmhouse decor is super popular thanks to the fabulous Chip and Joanna Gaines, but there are so many other decor styles and I encourage you to take a look at those, boho, Scandinavian, modern, contemporary, vintage, minimalistic, and that’s not all!.  You don’t have to put a label on your style.  

Home office makeover

The only thing you have to do is put your style on it so if that means that your house is a combination of several styles, then that’s a-okay!  There’s nothing wrong with being eclectic.

So, I encourage you to find what having a home that is filled with warmth, love, and laughter means to you and do it!

Home decor and DIY mistake #4: 

Not including your spouse

So if you’re like E and me, we have very different tastes when it comes to decor.  He likes vintage and Victorian.  I’m a farmhouse, modern type of gal.  So guess what? Our home is a bit of a mix of all, but it works!

Master bedroom decor ideas

It’s important to talk to your spouse about what he likes and if the two aren’t the same, figure out how you can compromise!  That’s what we did and E has the entire 3rd floor to decorate as he would like.  It’s funny because it is rare that I go to the 3rd floor; it’s his man cave.

But, that is his piece of our home that he gets to style any way he would like (well, almost any way).

Make sure you talk to your spouse.  It’s his house too and he should feel just as comfortable and it should be a place for him just as it is for you!

Home decor and DIY mistake #5: 

Moving too fast

When people move into their homes, for some reason there is a rush to style and furnish the entire home.  That is too much pressure.  Stop doing that to yourself!  Take time to look for decor pieces that you love, that you’ll enjoy, that means something.  

I have a long list of things I want to do with my master bathroom.  I could run out buy pieces and have the room ready in a weekend, but instead, I would rather take my time and find what I really want; not what I settled for to get a room done.

Your home doesn’t have to be furnished as soon as you move in, the month you move in, or even the year you move in.  You should take the time to find decor pieces that you love and that you will enjoy.

My Mom always says, “Haste makes waste.”  This is definitely true when it comes to your home decor.

I have made all of these mistakes and so I wanted to share with you how you can prevent making these mistakes and if you do, how to fix the situation.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Have you made any of these mistakes before?  What mistakes would you add to the list?


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