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What To Do When You’re Overwhelmed

Handling Overwhelmed Feelingss

It’s about 45 days until I move and I’ve gotten almost nothing done in the past couple of weeks.

Last weekend was E’s turn to make the road trip here to DC and we cleaned out his place and moved everything he didn’t take to my tiny apartment.  When we got back to my place, after 4 trips up and down the stairs, he said, “Lynn, when are you going to start packing?”  I laughed, but he was right.  As I move closer to the big day, I’ve done less.  

I think it’s because I was so gung-ho when I first found out, I’ve burned myself out a bit.  Like always, I started with a bang, wore myself out and now I’m looking around at all the boxes, wondering when everything is just going to jump in boxes (I know. Ain’t gonna happen)!

I’ve looked forward to this for so long and when E took me to dinner and told me he had gotten the job in Raleigh, and we were moving, I was so excited I screamed in the restaurant.  Of course, I got the side eye from people at the restaurant because it was more of an annoyed side-eye look I got from people because I screamed and clapped so loud.  That day seemed so long ago.  The past 2 weeks I just haven’t felt like dealing with it and have been focusing on my client’s websites and trying to ignore the piles that continue to grow in my living room and storage!

I’ve really needed these 2 weeks.  Trying to coordinate the move of 2 households to blend them into 1, drive 9 hours (4.5 hours each way) to Raleigh every other week and make sure my work doesn’t suffer (it wouldn’t be fair to my clients) has been a lot!  Thank goodness for my interns!

I’ve pushed and pushed and pushed myself right into the spot at my desk working really late hours and into my favorite green chair with a bowl of rainbow sherbert ice cream.  In these two weeks, I’m reminded how important it is to listen to not only your body but your mind.  I needed a break from this traveling, moving, and packing, cleaning and I took it.  It may have been a forced break, but I listened and took it nonetheless.  By taking this break, the world didn’t stop and everything is still happening and all of our stuff is still sitting around, waiting to be packed.

To me, finding your way in anything is also about how you handle that journey and what you learn from it.  While I may have felt I didn’t need this 2-week break, it’s exactly what I needed!

What lessons have you learned along your journey that you didn’t think you needed as you’re finding your way?

See ya later!

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