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The Search For A Grocery Store App

Lists make me happy.  How about you?  Writing or typing everything I need to get done or shop for helps me to remember.  Days get busy and things happen so if I had to try to remember everything, something would definitely get lost and forgotten!

At the beginning of each week, I make one huge to-do list and each day I use my daily planner to map out what I need to get done and to help me prioritize.  A list I’m always making is a grocery list.  You would think as much as I love to cook that I’d enjoy grocery shopping, but I don’t.  I know, a bit odd isn’t it?

For awhile, E and I were both pretty bad about buying things we already had.  There have been so many times when both of us would be at the grocery store (not together, of course) and come home with the same items; such a waste of time and money!

Recently, I’ve started a hunt for a grocery store app that makes our grocery shopping and really any shopping easier and more organized.   After much searching, I have 3 that I am going to test out over the next few months.  The first grocery store app I’m going to try is called Grocery iQ App.

What I Need In An App

I don’t need much in my app, well at least I don’t think it’s much!

  • Lists E and I can sync
  • Add items by my voice
  • Ability to make as many lists as I need
  • Ability to add everything we usually buy in a list and just add it to lists as needed
  • Ability to arrange items as they are arranged in the store
  • Ability to add grocery items by scanning the barcodes
  • Ability to mark that you are out of an item and it automatically creates a grocery list
  • Coupon integration

Grocery iQ App Features

Below are just a few features of the Grocery iQ app.  You can view all of the features on their website.

  • Arrange your lists based on your grocery store
  • Sync with others
  • Sync with other devices
  • Scan barcodes
  • Add items by voice
  • Coupon integration

How The Grocery iQ App Works

This app, available on Android and iPhone saves E and I time and money because we are able to sync our lists.  One of us creates a list and by sharing it with the other, we are able to cross off items we’ve purchased and the item is removed from the list instantly!  This has been a huge help to us!  

Grocery iQ app

When E or I make a list, we are both able to access it and with the tap of the checkbox in front of the item on the screen, it’s off the list!  Because the lists are synced, no matter our location or device, the other is able to see the item has been removed.  

Grocery app

We’ve had no more double purchases, we can both see what is needed and there are no questions.  It’s made our grocery shopping so much easier! 

List Sharing

There are 2 ways we can both access the lists

  • Use the same email address to access our account or one of us can make a list and share with the other.
  • Email your list to someone

Adding Items

Items can be added by

  • Typing them using your phone
  • Typing them using your desktop
  • Scanning the barcode of an item.  This has to be my second favorite feature of this app. I went a little crazy going through my pantry and cabinets scanning everything.  Once you scan, it pops right up on your screen! Below is an example of when I scanned the box of Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Crackers.

Grocery iQ appGrocery store apps


This app also alerts you when coupons are available for the items on your list or items that are similar to those on your list.

Grocery apps

You choose the coupons you need (known as clip).  Once you’ve “clipped” all of your coupons, they are sent to your email address so you can print them and take them with you to the grocery store! 

I’ve been using this app for the past week and so far so good.  I’ll report back after I’ve used it over the next couple of weeks!

How do you keep your grocery shopping organized?

See ya later!

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