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Hey There!  Welcome to Back to the South!

I have two missions for Back to the South:

Every woman can create and build DIY home decor and improvement projects in their home without thinking it’s too difficult or they have no creativity.

Every female blogger can build and maintain their WordPress blog or website.

About Back to the South

DIY (do-it-yourself) doesn’t have to be difficult!  There are projects of all sizes that can be done by you to add your own personal touch.  I hear so many women say, “I’m not creative at all.” or,  “There is no way I can create something like that.  I could never do that.”  I say yes you can!”

Always a creative, I started Back to the South to help all DIYers (those who currently are and those who hadn’t realized their full DIY potential just yet).  When I was moving from Washington, DC to Raleigh, NC, life was crazy and hectic and I wanted to document our journey.  We were going to start over and I was so happy!  I’m originally from Houston, Texas and I’d been itchin’ to get back to the south and Blue Bell Ice Cream so when my husband (fiance at the time) told me he’d gotten a job in Raleigh, I jumped for joy!

What you’ll find on Back to the South

On this blog, it’ll be like you just dropped by my house for an impromptu get together on my porch.  I’ll bring you along this journey of moving to Raleigh, NC through blog posts about organization, home decor and improvement projects, and recipes, and all the excitement that comes with getting back into the southern swing of things!

And, because I had my own boutique website development firm, if you’re a blogger, you’ll find a host of resources to help you create and maintain your own WordPress blog or website.  So many bloggers give up on WordPress because of the steep learning curve, but you can do it and I’m gonna help ya!

A few tidbits about me

I’ll go first with the introductions and then please drop me a line at Lynn {at} Back to the South {dot} com and introduce yourself!  I’d love to hear from you.

I have the pleasure of being the wife of an Army vet.  I’m lucky to be married to a really great man (ladies, don’t we all say that?),  but it’s true!  🙂  I drove him absolutely crazy with all of my DIY home projects and website coding, but he puts up with it anyway.

I’m not just a home DIY type of gal, I’m also a tech geek.  My creativity spans not just to my home, but also to technology.  I love gadgets and love to develop and design websites.  Yeah, I know it’s an odd combination, but I blame it on my parents (my Mom is extremely creative and I was always her right-hand woman and my Dad was a computer program for NASA).  See…I got the best of both worlds!

I make everything from scratch.  I hated bringing my lunch to school every day when I was a kid.  All the cool kids got to buy their lunch and here I was with my lunch box.    Not until I got older did I realize I was the lucky one!  Thanks to my Grandmother and Mom, I learned to make everything the good ‘ole fashioned way!  I think this is the only reason my boyfriend is still around.  🙂

I used to go crawdaddin’ in the backyard.  It rains a lot in Houston.  My parent’s house is on a couple of acres of land after it rained, I would grab a stick from outside, some salt bacon from the fridge (much to my Mother’s dismay), and some string.  I’d plop right down in the mud and hoping to catch something.After my fishing escapades, I’d make a mud pie, grab a peach from the tree, a few blackberries off the vine, a couple of honeysuckles, and have a feast.  And yes, I did actually eat the mud pie (don’t judge me).

Alright, so that’s enough about me.  Your turn!

Send me an email at Lynn {at} Back to the South {dot} com and introduce yourself!

Here’s to great friendships and a glass of good ‘ole Southern tea!