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Finding Home Decorating Inspiration

Being a web designer, I’m excited about decorating our new home, once we can finally decide on one.  As we look at homes, I’ve been taking pictures of styling I like.  E and I have different tastes, so this should be interesting; he’s traditional and I’m a modern and cottage kinda gal.  If you aren’t sure about your style, I found this post on the Home Stories A to Z blog

I’ve been saving, bookmarking, and pinning images that I see as I’m online so that when it’s time to start shopping and looking, I’ll have some idea of what we may want to go with.  Inspiration from these sites has me super excited!

  1. Pinterest 
  2. Design Sponge
  3. Home Stories A to Z
  4. House Beautiful
  5. Southern Living
  6. Coco Cozy
  7. The Style Files
  8. City Farmhouse
  9. Dear Lillie Blog
  10. The Nester

There are many more decorating blogs that I look at for inspiration, but right now these are my favorites.

What are your favorite decorating blogs?
See ya later!

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