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Back to the South is a lifestyle blog created for women 30-45 years of age from all walks of life.  My mission is to inspire and encourage women who are on their own journey to find their way.

While he end goal of your journey may look different than mine, it’s the journey that gets us their and you don’t have to walk, run, skip, to it alone!

I started this blog as I am packing up and moving from the East Coast and yep, you guessed it, heading back to the South-back to my southern roots and Blue Bell Ice Cream.

I’ve had a hankering for moving back to the South for a few years and it’s time!  I never really got acclimated to the East Coast life. In this blog, it’ll be like you just dropped by my house for an impromptu get together on my porch.  I’ll bring you along for my journey of moving to Raleigh, NC through blog posts about organization, moving, decorating, house hunting, recipes, and all the excitement that comes with getting back into the southern swing of things!

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