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10 Affordable Gray Rugs for Your Home

I’m on the hunt for a gray rug!  The entire first floor of our home is hardwood floors.  I grew up with hardwood floors and it was one of those I have to have it on my list of things I wanted in our house.  I mean you can’t run and slide across the floor in your socks on carpet can you?  

I want to have a rug in the living room and I’ve been on the search.  Our color palette for this room is gray, gray-blue, and red.  It’s been a bit challenging because I need to keep the rustic look that the fireplace gives that area.  I’ve found 10, yes…I know… 10 and I need to narrow it down, but it’s so hard!  I wish online stores would allow you to rent samples so that you can bring it into your home and then send it back.  Wouldn’t that be great?!

They’re at or below my budget of $200 for the living room rug. and I’ve found solid gray, gray and red, gray, red, and black, and some with various shades of gray.  See why I’m having such a hard time?  I like them all!  So y’all help a girl out with narrowing them down, please.

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  • Tara 03/06/2017, 9:05 AM

    Love that first rug! I’m in need of a new one for our living room. Great picks!

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